Going Classic: How to accent your home Victorian style

Victorian-style decor evokes a sense of elegance, luxury, and timeless charm. Drawing inspiration from the opulent era of Queen Victoria's reign (1837-1901), this design style combines intricate details, rich colors, and ornate elements. If you're yearning to bring a touch of old-world allure into your home, consider accenting your space with Victorian flair. Here are some key elements and tips to help you achieve a stunning Victorian-style ambiance:

Designing a home and decorating it the way you want is a lot more than merely putting a few objects together that serve the purpose. It is often a wise thing to have a running theme across your home as it will give the right idea on how to accessorize and make shopping a lot easier. If themes are what you are going how about the instant classic - the Victorian style of decorating interiors. It brings a touch of royalty, a sense of class and adds timeless charm. Going Victorian though is a lot harder than picking contemporary styles and design as you are trying to recreate the past. But here are a few simple tips that will you with that task.

1 Mix a renaissance decorating style with plenty of metal

A Victorian theme is brought in largely by using stuff that is reminiscent to the Renaissance period. You can do that by using plenty of metal wherever possible. It could be in the furnishings, photo frames or even in the accessories spread across the room. Also, the use of gleaming metal with intricate and artistic design helps a great deal.

2 Decorative moldings, ornaments, plasterwork and arches

The essence of Victorian style is in its sweeping and larger than life design. This can be achieved using arches wherever possible to create a grand look. Use of plasterwork and moldings could be expensive, but they bring in the feel of authenticity of the design. Remember that this will always cost you a lot more than the other modern themes, but it will also attract people in a unique way of its own.

3 Use stain glass and stone fireplaces

One of the most important Victorian accent to a home is the use of stain glass as this is an integral part of the era. It adds in a small yet authoritative way to the furnishings around and it really brings out the bright mood in the room. The fireplace is also an essential aspect of a Victorian styled living room and one made with stone or even polished marble accentuates the already classic feel.

4 Design with dark colors and rich shades wherever possible

Most often modern designs demand neutral tones and dull shades, but you can throw that out of the window if you are going the Victorian way. Dark and bright shades along with very rich colors are the very essence of the style. Even your woodwork should be grained in dark tones so as to compliment what is around it. Feel free to tone up the reds and the violets, the yellows and the blues as you please!

5 Lavish designs drenched in fabric

Use plenty of fabric whenever and wherever possible in the shape of curtains, separators and even as wallpaper to bring out the Victorian flavor. You can throw away the idea of repainting your walls or even bringing in new wallpaper by just using printed, light fabric instead. This will only make the interiors far more majestic.

6 Bring in the fruits, flowers, candles and candy

This might appear simple, but nothing says classic like a bowl full of fruits, a wonderful arrangement of roses in a pot, some beautiful candles and maybe even candy in a basket. These are simple to do, easy to get and will increase the charm of your Victorian interiors manifold. Even wilted flowers bring about a new and wild spirit to the room!

7. Luxurious Rugs and Carpets:

Cover your floors with intricate rugs or patterned carpets to enhance the Victorian theme. Persian or Oriental rugs with intricate designs are particularly suitable for this style.

8. Victorian-inspired Lighting:

Choose lighting fixtures that emulate the elegance of the era. Crystal chandeliers, sconces with fringed shades, and gas lamps-style pendants can add a touch of Victorian splendor to your space.

9. Vintage Accessories:

Accessorize your home with vintage items like porcelain tea sets, antique clocks, and vintage books to add a sense of nostalgia and authenticity.

10. Incorporate Reproduction Pieces:

If authentic Victorian-era furniture and decor are hard to find, consider using reproduction pieces that capture the style and essence of the period.

Going Victorian takes a lot more care and effort than most other themes. It will also need you to pick out special furniture and accessories and change most things that would be found lying around otherwise in a normal home. The transformation might be tough, but the result will leave you more than satisfied!

In conclusion, accenting your home in Victorian style allows you to embrace the timeless beauty and sophistication of a bygone era. By incorporating rich colors, ornate furniture, intricate wallpapers, and lavish accessories, you can create a truly enchanting living space. Whether you choose to go all-in with Victorian decor or add subtle touches throughout your home, the Victorian style promises to bring a touch of classic charm and elegance to your living environment.


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