Hot Interior Design Styles of 2009

Staying in touch: Hot Interior Design Styles of 2009

They say that what is cool in fashion changes overnight and while the world of interior design is not that overly dynamic, the trends when it comes to doing your interiors also change with passing time. With each year come there are new hot designing tips, colors that are more relevant, shades that reinvent the space that surrounds you and accessories that add a whole new dimension to your home. So what is hot and happening in 2009 and what will be the fashion that will hold sway in the months to come?Here are a few hot interior design styles of 2009…

Lay emphasis on comfort and the cozy-factor

The latest when it comes to interior designing is to integrate a great looking blueprint with a home that is great to live in and easy to use. Modern architecture and special arrangement looks for a fine balance between cozy interiors and a sleek and sensuous look. Eye-candy homes are no longer the rave. Utility and practical value is the latest mantra.

Mix and match styles and shades

One of the major impacts on the designing styles of 2009 will be that of the global economic meltdown and how people will think twice before they part with their cash. The trend will be to mix and match the old stuff that is still useful with new accessories that are affordable and add a little something to the space. Excessive and extravagant spending of cash and throwing away everything old as it does not match the new look will be a thing of the past for some time now.

Do not clutter- Let the space look larger than it really is

Going with a simple and stylish look seems to be the way forward for 2009 as a clutter-free interior is the popular choice among both consumers and designers. This gives the room a more sophisticated and ergonomic look along with saving on the cash. Only keep what’s needed and arrange it with precision.

A minimalist look with contrasting patterns

There is no doubt that the minimalist look is the most popular style that is going around today when it comes to designing either office spaces or homes. The minimalist design saves on space, looks futuristic and with contrasting bright and bold patterns the look just gets accentuated further. If you look around any modern home design today, you are most likely to find something in lines with this fast catching trend.

Think green to reap long-term benefits
Going green with the energy usage in your home is a great way to invest in the future. That pattern is being quickly and silently integrated into the design and structure of most modern homes. The further you go green, the more you will reap its benefits in the longer run. It is not just a healthy initiative that you can take, but something that you can be really proud of.

Bright colors are the flavor of the season

The blacks, whites and grays are always popular and go well with the more modern look, but it is the bright shades such as vibrant oranges, cool blues and exciting yellows that will rule the year. So go all out and paint the interiors in the bold and bright shade that you love. You can be also sure that this will lift your mood when you are a bit down.
The designing styles and trends of 2009 seem to be following the global recession to an extent and also the sleek and ergonomic look that people seem to taking to heart. It is also nice to see how functionality is again gaining prominence when compared to form.

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