How to buy quality bedding

Sweet dreams on soft fabric: How to buy quality bedding

There are so many places in our daily life where we tend to compromise on quality for cheaper buys. But when it comes to picking something on which you spend almost one-third of your life and tend to get all the rest you need, there must be absolutely no compromise in quality. Purchasing high quality bedding might look like an expensive deal, but when it comes to giving you the perfect night’s sleep no amount is too much. Right? Considering the fact that it can affect the quality of your life, here are a few tips that will help you in this endeavor.

Materials define your comfort levels

The single most important factor that determines the quality of your bedding is the quality of material that it is made of. It is by now an universally agreed fact that bedding made out of Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are the best in terms of comfort. Of course, if you cannot afford the very best, then you can look at other varieties of cotton.

Check for the thread count on the bedding

A very simple and basic indicator of the quality of bedding at an instant look is the thread count that is mentioned on it. Greater the thread count, greater will be the comfort offered by the fabric. Thread count is basically the amount of threads per square inch, or the density of the weave. In order to get more threads per inch, the threads have to be thinner. Thread counts for bed linen can range from as low as 80 for a basic fabric to as high as 400 for Egyptian cotton. Choose a fabric with a thread count of at least 100 and you can aim for more depending on your budget and taste.

Lookout for the term ‘percale’ on the fabric

Percale is a type of fabric with a high thread count and a specific type of weave, and can be made from a number of different materials. This is normally a simple and easy indicator that offers you a good assurance of high quality. Percale can be either a fabric that is 100% cotton or even a cotton polyester blend. So read on carefully in case you want only cotton to make sure you do not bring home blended fabric.

Pick bedding that suits your interiors and existing décor

Apart from the quality check, make sure you pick out bedding that suits the theme of your bedroom, the existing décor and comes in designs, colors and patterns that you like. Pick something that is the appropriate balance between quality, style and price. This ensures that you get the best possible deal. Also stay on the lookout for some decent deals on the internet when it comes to bedding, as you find quite a few around

Always prefer cotton over any synthetic fabric

Whenever you wish to buy new bedding, remember that cotton is always the most preferable fabric and is safe both environmentally and is the healthy choice. Artificial fabrics like polyester are uncomfortable, not really very durable and can often give you nightmares in bed with their texture. So prefer organic and sleep sound

Good bedding can make a world of difference to your life as you wake up each morning refreshed to face the challenges of a new day. So do think about quality beyond price when it comes to the fabric that coaxes you to sleep.

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