How to pick out quality furniture

Picking out what you need to decorate your home can often be a decision that looks far tougher than it seems on the surface. It is all too good to think about the shades you like, the patterns you wish to have and the budget that you have set for yourself. But both buying furniture because you happen to ‘fall in love with it at first sight’ or because it is being sold cheaply can lead to a disaster. If those are the only two criteria that you set for yourself then most often your furniture comes apart within a summer or two and then there is no point regretting a bad decision.

Buying quality furniture needs a constructive and far less impulsive approach. Here are a few ways of going about buying quality stuff without complicating the process too much.

Check for construction frames and cushion quality

Most furniture that you use around your home will involve a wooden or synthetic frame along with cushions. Check for the quality of the frame that you are being given, the material that it is made out of and how long it will really last. The retailer will always try selling you something worth less for something more, so be careful and do your own research. When it comes to cushions is a wise option to unzip them and see what exactly is on the inside, to make sure you get only the best.

All wood is not the same and ‘almost leather’ is not leather

All wood is not equal and so know your wood before you buy it. Modern day wooden furniture comes in many types and finishes with various surfaces. It is important to check whether the furniture you buy can stand the care and maintenance you offer it and the conditions of your home. For example, in case your home is filled with kids, glass may not be your choice of decorating material. Similarly expressions like ‘almost leather’ or ‘like leather’ means that you are being sold fake leather and so you need not shell out a whole lot for that.

Inspect for weaknesses in case you are buying upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture comes cheaper than wooden and leather furniture and most often people prefer it for just this one reason. Also, these items look real modern and fancy when you view them in the product catalogue, which tempts you to order them. But be sure to check them out before you actually bring one home as they can wear off and give way at their weak spots and edges in a very quick time. While upholstered furniture looks good when it comes in first and used only for a few purposes around the home, it does not fair well when you fill your home with it.

Quality over quantity is a good way to go

This is a simple principle of shopping that holds god whenever you are looking around to get stuff that lasts long and is only the best. High quality does not come cheap and cheap imitations do not cost much. While the look they offer might be the same and hence you would be fooled into buying them, the service they deliver is not quite the same. It is always better to buy a few pieces of quality furniture that fit into your budget rather than plenty of junk. Filling up you home should not be the criteria.

Check for the manufacturer, retailer and the country of origin

Without generalizing too much, it would safe to say that a piece of Italian furniture is generally far better investment than say something that is being shipped from China. The country from which your furniture comes and its manufacturer give you an indication of its quality. If you are not judging furniture on that basis or in case you have no such idea about the background, then be sure to pick a retailer that you trust. In case of buying quality furniture, most often it is the retailer that plays an important role.

Authenticity and warranty

What exactly comes along with your furniture in terms of its after-sales services is an important issue when it comes to picking quality. This is like having an insurance policy for your furniture and all good furniture manufacturers give you a certain warranty period. This makes sure that you get a replacement in case the original piece is not as good as promised and you get a good quality replacement. One obviously hopes that it never comes to this, but having an authenticity helps further establish the quality of the product.

Picking quality furniture is not as hard a sit is made out to be if you can keep your senses while shopping and not be tempted by the cheap deals. Sure, once in a while you get a good deal out of a certain running discount, but remember that quality furniture does not walk home cheap. So pick what you need and do not try cramming you home with stuff and it will not really be hard on your budget as well.

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