The Mismatched Dining Room : Tips for creating a well-balanced mismatched style

Have you ever walked around a furniture store and seen all the tables sitting there perfectly matched and looking almost too perfect? Although a formal and matching dining room set can be breathtaking, it can also be unimaginative and boring. Many people want to add a little zest to their dining space and they often choose to do so with a mismatched dining room.

But how can a mismatched dining room be beautiful? Isn’t that something you do when you first move out on your own? It shouldn’t be something that you plan, should it? While I still remember my very first dining room set, and shudder at the horror of it, a mismatched dining room set can be functional and fashionable if you follow a few simple guidelines for creating your masterpiece. Remember there is a difference between being mismatched and being stylishly mismatched and what you are going for with your dining room is the latter.

Mismatched Tip Number 1: Choose the table first

This tip is actually selective since some people find chairs that they just have to use first but generally, it is better to look for the table first. It is much easier looking for chairs that match the height of the table instead of a table that matches the height of the chairs. Choosing the table first will enable you to gauge what type of chairs you would like and what would look best with the style of table you chose.

Mismatched Tip Number 2: Look for sturdy chairs

One of the biggest complaints that people have about dining room chairs is that they aren’t sturdy. Many times with a dining room chair, you often feel as though you are going to tip over at the slightest lift of your fork. When you are choosing the chairs for your mismatched dining room, make sure that you look for function before style. Trust me, you and your guests will appreciate it and if you can find function and style, all the better.

Mismatched Tip Number 3: It’s all about height

Although you are going with a mismatched set, there is one area that you should match and that is height. Making sure that your chairs are the correct height to your dining room table is the best way to make your mismatched dining room style to work. If the chairs are too short, they will look off, too tall and you won’t be able to sit at the table comfortably.

Mismatched Tip Number 4: Don’t worry if the chairs match

When it comes to mismatched dining room tables, you really don’t need to use a variety of chairs. Instead, find a set of chairs that you purchased without the table. Every chair doesn’t have to be different and sometimes having every chair different can be too much. Keep the chairs the same, but maybe have one or two that are slightly different than the rest to create a symmetrical effect to your mismatched table.

Mismatched Tip Number 5: Try buying used

The last tip that I want to mention is that you shouldn’t worry about purchasing your furniture used. Although new can be wonderful, you can find some wonderful gems when it comes to a table or the chairs when you purchase used. Browse for sale ads, go to estate or furniture auctions and before you know it, you will have a beautiful mismatched set for only a fraction of the cost that you would have spent buying new.

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