Modern wallpaper

new range of decorative wallpapers with a significant, graphical expression. The wallpaper has a wide variety of potential applications and you can get unique effects regardless of whether you put up wallpaper on a single wall, an entire room or just one length. You can also mount the wallpaper in a frame, on cabinet doors and other kinds of furniture - the only limit is your imagination.

Branch Black Wallpaper

Black & Grey Wilderness Wallpaper

These hand printed wallpaper panels can be considered the 'Art' of Wallpaper. Designed to be hung as a panel using a perspex rod, they create a real talking point and a stunning feature in any room.

Black Blossom Wallpaper Panel

Pink Hand Printed Butterfly Wallpaper panel

Hand Printed Burnt Orange Blossom Wallpaper panel

Hand Printed Black Blossom Wallpaper panel

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