New Kitchens Collection 2009 by KicheConcept

Too often people go to extremes with kitchen designs - ultramodern or comfortable, stark and simple or complex and ornate. There are few real-life kitchens, however, that can live up to these highest of stylistic expectations under everyday conditions.

Likewise, when showcasing their design offerings many interior, furniture and fixture design companies tend to create unbelievably perfect settings of one kind or another. These kitchen design ideas by KicheConcept, however, a careful blend of pragmatic, possible and playful that exists between opposites.

Some of their examples blend modern lines and materials with a touch of color, warmth, and a variety of visual and physical textures. Contrast and detail make some elements stand out from the otherwise simple elements.

Whether you are looking to build a commercial kitchen or redesign your own home cooking space it is worth considering more than one approach at the same time. An extreme design can seem convincing in a magazine but can you live with (and in) it?

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