Open shelves and a playful color scheme give this small kitchen an airy feel. Black and white vinyl flooring tiles complement the retro look of the vintage refrigerator, which was purchased at a flea market. Laminate countertops also keep costs low.

Keeping the design simple stretches the space in this small kitchen. Costs were kept low by restoring old pieces. Vintage cabinets salvaged from a local 1930s home add a retro feel to the modern kitchen. The clean vertical lines of budget-friendly beaded board soften the modern space and create an appealing texture.

The charming hardwood floors, high ceilings, and abundant storage in this tiny 6x10-foot kitchen provided the perfect base for this facelift. Keeping existing appliances, this kitchen upgrade stayed within the tight budget.

Do-it-yourself skills and paint were primarily responsible for freshening up this homey kitchen. Deemed worthy of preservation, vintage home-crafted cabinets were simply painted with an earthy shade, as were the floor, walls, and ceiling.

White paint and ceramic tile were price-wise choices for prolonging the lives of still-sturdy cabinets, counters, and backsplashes. Like the soft, painted finish on the cabinets and window frames, matte ceramic-tile countertops add a timeless touch.

Cabinets are updated with a coat of paint, new hardware, and opaque glass fronts. Color bursts onto the all-white scene with a green and red mosaic tile backsplash, multicolor vinyl floor tiles, and a tomato-red laminate countertop.

Black-painted tiles on the backsplash complement the checkerboard pattern of the vinyl flooring. The warm tone of the painted cabinetry creates an inviting space that is enhanced by the soft look of the sage green walls above.

Red crackle paint on the walls and distressed yellow cabinetry add authenticity to a fresh country look. The budget was met by sticking with the builder’s neutral vinyl flooring and splurging on a new white tile countertop.

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