Outside In: Bathroom Exterior + Interior Design Idea

What if you could bring the peaceful comforts of nature into the privacy of your very own bathroom? This inside out (or outside in) bathroom paradise design concept by Renato Gschwend is all about using natural materials to extensively connect an entire bathroom space in a surprising set of ways.

As the detail pictures above and below show, the entire floor is a pebbled surface that can absorb water and provide a comfortable, naturalistic walking experience - no more cleaning up after yourself or worrying about typical spatial divisions in your bathroom interior.

The sink faucet functions like a miniature shower, extending the sensation of bathing to even normal foot or hand washing. The corner whole-body equivalent is, naturally, a rain shower where you can take a seat or stand up. No door is necessary as the water drains back into the floor.

While there is much to be set for the ingenuity and style of this design, it remains (for the moment at least) entirely conceptual. There are of course technical problems to be overcome with respect to drainage and, alas, things rarely look as good in real life as they do in renderings and other images. nonethless, the concept is a good design seed and revisits the everlasting dialog between outside and inside, exterior spaces and interior places around and within a home.

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