Curtains Ideas and Pictures

The windows are Looking to the outside world. Their eyelids are curtains. Whether you want to put heavy makeup or a soft shades depends on our overall interior mood.

With two words, the curtains are often overlooked as a final accent to the vision of the house. But their absence or improper selection has the same effect as to miss to put spiral after hearty you paint. Metaphorically.

Here are some tips to which the eyes of your house is unique magnetic and invite dish.

* Always use curtains that are longer by the windows. Such a suspension of the volume, it makes them look bigger and bright.

* Choose a color to match the overall interior design of the room. Can not toilet green when you are dressed in blue, right? Depending on the topic of interior design, curtains can be printed in color in pishtni in floralni or cleared.

* Crucial condition remains and the density of the curtains. If you tease morning light, avoid efirnite materials and select a thick cloth.

* Traditional Cloth curtains omraznali you? No problem, choose satin! Their density will protect from sunlight early morning and at the same time podpravi room with the necessary dose of elegance.

* CurtainZa to razvedrite nursery may ukrasite curtains with beads. Of course, not with small

zatormozyavayte sentsi and paillette because it is very labor process. String of large beads in a particular form would make the curtain unique, and your child happy.

* Be sure to put ribbons in both ends of the window through which tied to each curtain. Moreover, it adds romantic sound, they will help to control the flow light entering the room. They represent and finishing touches to your doukrasyavat window, making it more dapper and charming.

With the curtains can experiment. They are the final accent to the decor of your home.
But do not forget prescription in nanyasaneto of makeup. If lipstick is dark eyes are bright toilet. If the eyes are dark makeup, lipstick is more pale. The same goes with the vision of our house. If the overall design is clean, allow you to select a brave right of the hangings. If a typical and rich sound in a direction, then be more simple in the selection of curtains. Should not be prekalyava in one aspect, if we want it to obsesses with their beauty. Excessive stratification of our makeup sometimes makes you look comic, but we do not want that image to his house.


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