Magic of mirrors " No smoke here! Just 9 new ways to decorate with mirrors, indoors and out "

Fun ways to decorate with mirrors

Bedroom of reflection

Oakland, Calif., interior designer Sheri Sheridan says one bold item can make any room feel substantial. But who says bold has to mean expensive? Not us.

Glam up furniture

Two pieces of ⅛ -inch-thick mirrored glass custom-cut at a glass store give a stunning look to this salvaged side table. Don’t ask us how, but even your ancient coffee mug will sparkle sitting on top of shiny glass. Tip: For easy cleanup of spills, don't glue down the mirrors.

Illusion of space

This oversize walnut-framed mirror opens up designer Chris Choy’s living room by reflecting the white walls in his two-story house in San Francisco. A mirror like this is definitely an investment. But take Choy’s advice for keeping things reasonable: Decorate mainly with furniture pieces from salvage yards then toss in a few high-design splurges to give an impression of luxury.

Create a window

No window? No problem. Interior designer-contractor Francesca Harris replaced unattractive windows on this aging shed with pivoting shutters. Then she created her own window by placing a mirror behind the daybed to reflect the light and surrounding landscape.

Indoor furniture outside

With grilling season upon us, we know everyone is spending more time on patios, decks, and rooftops. Give your guests a comfy space to hang out while you’re busy channeling Bobby Flay. A mirror gives this outdoor space a living room look, but it’s guaranteed to stand up to sun and rain. Mirrors strategically positioned also create an illusion of space in cramped patios.

Faux pond

Altering the ecosystem in your garden isn’t always an option. A mirror creates a glacial lake when it’s laid flat without disturbing existing roots. This small glass pool reflects the sky and surrounding plants the way a mountain pool would — only no swimming here. Tip: Mask the edges by adding a layer of smooth river rocks of varying sizes and colors to mimic a rocky beach.

Mirrored cabinets

Mirrors in the bathroom clearly serve a purpose when you’re flossing each morning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look luxurious. Mount two inexpensive mirrored cabinets next to each other to create one seamless surface. You’ll get the look of a pricey oversize mirror without spending the cash.

Portholes of design

Three perfectly placed mirrors in this family room create an oceanfront feel few nautical paintings could pull off. A typical piece of art could confine a smaller space. Instead, mirrors add an airy elegance as they reflect light.

A few installation tips

Wear heavy leather gloves and protective glasses when working with mirrors. If you will be placing the mirror where children play, use safety glass. Give the mirror proper support. Frame the mirror with wood, metal, plastic, or even tile.


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