Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A bedroom is not just a place to sleep, it is also a sanctuary for relaxation, intimacy, and romance. Creating a romantic bedroom can help you and your partner feel closer and more connected, and it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. In this article, we'll share some simple and affordable romantic bedroom decorating ideas to help you set the mood for love.

Soft and Sensuous Lighting
The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere. Instead of harsh overhead lighting, consider using soft and sensuous lighting, such as candles or fairy lights. You can also install dimmer switches to control the brightness of your main lights.

Choose a Warm and Inviting Color Scheme
Colors can greatly affect your mood and emotions, and choosing the right color scheme can help create a cozy and intimate space. Warm, rich colors like deep red, chocolate brown, or even gold can help create a romantic and inviting atmosphere. Use these colors for your bedding, curtains, and accessories to create a cohesive look.

Add Texture and Softness
Adding texture and softness to your bedroom can help create a warm and inviting space. Consider adding a plush rug, soft throw blankets, and lots of pillows in varying sizes and textures. This can create a cozy and intimate feel, perfect for snuggling up with your partner.

Hang Romantic Artwork
Artwork can be a great way to add romance to your bedroom. Choose artwork that has a romantic theme, such as a painting of a couple or a beautiful landscape. You can also create a gallery wall of your favorite romantic photos, such as your wedding photos or pictures of the two of you together.

Invest in Luxurious Bedding
Investing in high-quality bedding can help create a luxurious and romantic feel in your bedroom. Look for soft, silky sheets, and a fluffy down comforter or duvet. You can also add some texture with a quilt or coverlet.

Create a Focal Point
Creating a focal point in your bedroom can help draw the eye and create a romantic atmosphere. Consider adding a statement piece, such as a large piece of art, a unique headboard, or a beautiful chandelier. This can help create a sense of luxury and elegance in your space.

Use Aromatherapy
Scents can be a powerful tool in creating a romantic atmosphere. Consider using aromatherapy candles or essential oils to create a sensual and relaxing environment. Scents like lavender, vanilla, and jasmine are all great options for creating a romantic mood.

Cream and celadon were used interchangeably in this romantic bedroom, anchored by a custom velvet sleigh bed.
  Handpainted furniture, luxurious fabrics and a luscious color scheme complete the look of this sensuous bedroom, a romantic retreat that envelopes you as you enter its doors. Photo by Dan Steinberg.
Fabrics and furnishings that are beautiful and timeless make an excellent foundation for flexibility and growth in this little girl's room. The bed with hidden trundle and child-sized table and chairs will make this lucky little girl the perfect host for slumber and tea parties to come.
  The French doors open to a secret garden in this room that combines toile fabric, white matelasse and an antique rug.
Sage green walls provide a relaxing back drop to this bedroom. Plush fabrics were used for the custom bedding ensemble. The fabric panels hanging on the bed frame create a romantic cocoon. Designer tip: Paint the wall color up on to a portion of the recessed ceiling to give the illusion of more height.

We created this bedroom for a little girl. A lavender and cream toile coverlet coordinates with a gingham silk at the windows. Cream painted furnishings add a neutral touch to the space. A perfect place for a little princess to do her homework, dream and play!
This qualifies as romantic in my book due to the balanced offering of amenities for both of the sexes. Notice the chaise directly to the left for her and the antique flip-top bar with a classic Parisian smoking chair to the right for him. The couple will be drawn to the space in front of the fireplace, lounge on the shag rug and perhaps pull out a game from the round storage ottoman. Regardless of the plan for the evening, this bedroom is fit for romance. Photo by Donovan Swick.
An oversized bedroom wall is filled with custom headboard and an upholstered screen. The fabric colors are kept serene for this master bedroom.
  This master bedroom suite is gifted with a great amount of space. The very dark brown, almost-black walls make this lofty room feel more intimate. The fireplace and TV wall was reinforced as a focal point with free form-painted horizontal stripes. The artwork, also in a horizontal format, helps maintain your eyes from perceiving the height of the ceiling. Such a bold combination takes a bit of moxie and faith in your designer's choice.

In conclusion, creating a romantic bedroom doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. By incorporating these simple and affordable ideas, you can transform your bedroom into a cozy and intimate space that helps you and your partner feel closer and more connected. So go ahead and start decorating!

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