Asian Dining Rooms Designs

A custom piece of glass tops a Saarinen tulip table base framed by a curvaceous silk-velvet settee. A wood bench stands in place of a conventional dining set in the dining area. Timber bamboo, lustrous overscaled Vietnamese pottery, a trio of sparkling Thai-inspired mirrors and about a dozen candles interspersed with smooth dark stones enhance the dining area's mature appeal.

The built-in banquette makes this spot a favorite place for everyday uses or large gatherings. Mohair and leather are great options for seating because they're long-lasting even with heavy use. The Tibetan scroll painting is surrounded by a Baroque-style mirror frame, giving it an eclectic look. Tortoise vases, dried hydrangeas, large candelabras and an oversized African weave pillow complete the room.

The bold, red color and use of leather in this Asian-style breakfast nook give it a unique look.

Candles provide an inexpensive touch of light that add just the right aura to any space. Create sparkle in a dining room by incorporating mirrored or glass elements. Adding the color red to any room or space adds drama and makes a bold statement.

A mixture of honey maple and black give this breakfast table a unique look. The centerpiece lends modern, organic style among the upholstered dining chairs.

Natural elegance resounds throughout this Asian-influenced dining room/living room combo. This design exudes peace and serenity while maintaining a modern sense of elegance.

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