Living Room Pictures " HGTV Green Home 2011 "

A palette of pineapple, charcoal gray and soft white lends a sophisticated, urban sensibility to the living room, illuminated by a diffused fabric light designed by Tobia Scarpa. “We wanted to make sure that people felt comfortable in here, wanted to stay and loved being in the space,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Contemporary-style furnishings upholstered in green fabrics tell an edgy, industrial story in the living room. Interior designer Linda Woodrum shopped for decor with Denver’s young, urban couples in mind. “We’re not living in Mom and Dad’s house,” she says.

A floor lamp with marble base and stainless steel telescopic stem illuminates a seating area. Snow Bush, a framed photograph by Bruce Zander, anchors the nook and adds visual interest.

A limestone-topped cocktail table with iron base is among the room’s outstanding accents. “Every piece in the living room could stand on its own as a story,” says Linda.

A series of three windows, buffered by cellular shades and linen drapes, illuminates the space. A 6-foot mirror helps to reflect light throughout the room.

A natural transition is made from the living room to the kitchen, which shares a common color palette.

A custom-crafted natural pine shelving unit accommodates two oil paintings by Josh Armijo.

Canvases slide back and forth on a track to conceal the room’s flat-screen TV. “It was one of those lunchtime conversations that turned into a sketch that turned into a wall,” says Infinity Home Collection’s general manager, David Steinke.

Engineered, hand-scraped maple flooring in a shade of chicory clads surfaces throughout the home and extends up the staircase.

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