Bedroom curtain design ideas 2011

Every bedroom deserves beautiful window curtains. They don’t need to be something which just keeps out the light so you can get a good night’s sleep!
The bedroom is a room where you can be yourself so it’s great if the whole décor makes you feel relaxed and happy. Here are eight ideas for gorgeous classic bedroom curtains.
1. Floor length and Full
Choose floor length curtains for your bedroom and pinch pleat or goblet headings to give a feeling of opulence using the fullness of the fabric. Alternatively a simply heading on the curtain topped with a valence or pelmet would also look good.
2. Add Voile
For more privacy during the day add a sheer voile under curtain on a rod across the top of the window. You can now buy voile in many shades and patterns but choose something subtle but with great detail for an understated yet pretty look.
3. Add Edgings
Plain curtains are often less expensive than patterned fabrics. Give them the designer touch with an expensive trim such as beading or fringing in a contrasting color. Trim your tiebacks too using the same edging.
4. Add a Border
You can add a contrasting border to a plain curtain with wide plain or velvet ribbon. A double border using two ribbons of different yet toning colors and widths look good too.
5. Add Volume
Nothing looks cheaper than curtains which are not full enough – always go for a cheaper fabric which drapes well and provide more volume rather than a more expensive fabric where you have to compromise on the width of curtain panel or length of curtains. If two and a quarter to two and a half times the width of your windows is required for a particular look go for two and a half and don’t think two will do!
6. Add a Contrast Lining
Instead of plain white or cream linings add a pretty contrast lining which you can show off by tying the curtains back to the sides of the windows. If you use tie tops you can even use these as reversible curtains.
7. A Simple Swag
If you have a narrow window you can add a simple swag with a length of hemmed fabric looped over a curtain rod and loosely stitched into place. Hang the curtains themselves on a separate rod so that the swag does not get in the way of operating the curtains.
8. Decorative Finials and Hold Backs
Don’t spoil the effect you are looking for by using plain curtain rods. Choose rods which come with or have the option of great finials – you can get these in many shapes and materials and consider using matching holdbacks if your curtains don’t have tie backs.
By Janice Wood
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