Modern curtains design 2011 for windows

If your style is modern or contemporary and you've already chosen another main focal point ,
the windows become part of the "shell " of the room ; they become part of the background , blending into star element to shine .
You can choose from simple fabric draperies ; blinds made of paper , fabric , wood or metal ;
or no treatment , leaving the windows bare .
depending on your functional needs and the scale you've determined .
the color should match in hue or tone ( intensity ) with the surrounding walls for a clean , seamless look .
If your windows are the focal point in a modern setting . the treatment should be clean and simple . but there should be something about it that draws the eye .
You could use brilliant color in an otherwise neutral setting .
You might frame the windows with a pared - down , deconstructed version of a traditional treatment , such as a swag .
Or you could simply make the windows the focus of the room by your arrangement of the furniture and artwork.


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