Summer Decorating Ideas

.Summer is the perfect time to bring bright and airy decor into your home. Here are some summer decorating ideas to help you create a refreshing and inviting space:

Bring in Natural Elements: Incorporate natural elements such as plants, flowers, and driftwood into your decor. These elements add texture and freshness to your space, giving it a summery feel.

Lighten Up Your Color Palette: Replace dark and heavy colors with light and bright shades. Incorporate pastel shades, such as sky blue, seafoam green, and pale pink to create a calming and serene atmosphere.

Add Textures: Add textures such as jute, rattan, and wicker to your decor. These natural fibers create a beachy vibe and add depth to your decor.

Swap Out Your Pillows and Throws: Swap out heavy wool pillows and throws for lightweight and colorful options. This simple change can add a pop of color and a fresh look to your living space.

Bring in Outdoor Elements: Bring in outdoor elements such as a picnic blanket, hammock, or outdoor cushions to create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

Create a Coastal Vibe: If you're looking for a coastal vibe, incorporate elements such as seashells, nautical stripes, and coastal artwork into your decor.

Keep it Minimal: Summer is all about simplicity and minimalism. Remove clutter and unnecessary decor items to create an airy and open space.

Brighten up Your Lighting: Replace heavy lampshades with light and airy options to let more natural light into your space. Add string lights or lanterns to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Mood Lighting with Shells

You can use oversize shells to bring a touch of the seashore and a bit of romantic atmosphere  to an evening at home.

Pacific Rim-Inspired Room

A plywood wall panel that incorporates a foldout table and bench turns even the tiny terrace of a hillside house into a garden room.

Cot Conversion

Turn a camp cot into an elegant patio daybed.

Raffia Window Curtain

A series of small, tufted raffia bow ties, stitched with matching thread onto a sheer curtain, instantly raises a window's sunniness quotient.

Sand Centerpiece

Light up a table with this beachy sand-and-shell centerpiece.

Casual-Modern Outdoor Room

Pillowy seats and potted plants create the perfect setting for an outdoor dinner on the deck.

Shell Vase

A wide-mouthed, spiral nautilus shell can double as a pearlescent vase for bedroom bouquets

Nautical Knobs

Incorporate nautical charm into your quarters by affixing these knobs onto drawers or lids of wooden boxes.

Garden-Print Stenciled Tabletop

Hand-painted dainty blossoms, colossal peonies, and greenery entwine to form this pleasing tabletop wreath

Rope-Seat Stools

A plain pair of wooden seats gets a bright new look from simple coils of rope.

Summery Leaf -Shaped Table Runner

Changing table linens is a relatively inexpensive way to rotate color with the seasons. The tones of this runner are suitable for summer.

Bright Ideas for Any Room

Paint, fabric, and paper offer opportunities to sneak rich hues into otherwise neutral spaces without a huge commitment of time or money.

Raffia Leaf Throw Rug

This throw rug's leafy design, made with raffia in three cool-green shades, conjures a vision of palm fronds moving in the breeze.

Sunroom Pillows

Brighten up a sunroom with these pillows printed with three different-sized anthurium leaves.

Block-Print Poppies

Rethink your home decor and get inspired by the bright, sunny colors of summer.
Decorate pillows with our poppy templates for breezy, warm weather decor. Poppies' graphic outlines are a cinch to block-print onto fabric: Brush strokes of textile paint in saturated tones. Start with the stem and leaves to help map out the composition.

In conclusion, summer decorating is all about creating a refreshing and inviting space that brings the outdoors in. Incorporate natural elements, light and bright colors, textures, and outdoor elements to create a beachy vibe. Keep it minimal and brighten up your lighting to create a relaxed and serene atmosphere. With these simple summer decorating ideas, you can transform your home into a refreshing and inviting summer oasis.

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