Asian Kitchen Design Ideas 2011 from HGTV

This kitchen design is a fine example of my FusionDesign philosophy in practice. It subtly blends contemporary European elements with soothing Asian accents like the glass shoji screen doors and Zen water feature, while offering increased functionality for the American lifestyle.

It's a calm and uncluttered space, and, for an eco-friendly home, interior designer Linda Woodrum would have it no other way. "I wanted an almost Asian feeling that was very clean and not overdone," she explains. The walls, covered in recycled glass mosaic tiles, punctuate the cooking space, which features streamlined espresso-colored cabinetry and sleek stainless-steel hardware and fixtures. Quartz countertops, in a shade of bold black and crafted from recycled material, add a hint of sparkle and continue the green story, as they are naturally antimicrobial as well as mold and heat resistant.

The frosted glass-front cabinets synchronize with the stainless steel backsplash and kitchen hardware.

The design of the kitchen was inspired by the bright orange oven. The asymmetrical arch is an illusion because the two halves don't actually connect.


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