Candice Olson Lighting Decorating Ideas 2011

Candice Olson Lighting Designs

Create a Focal Point

The eye is drawn directly to a gorgeous light fixture, like the brilliant, crystal ball chandelier in this room. The giant globe not only gives off light, but picks up on the sparkle, shimmer and shine of everything else in its vicinity. 

Mix It Up

Use a variety of lighting types. In addition to a ceiling full of recessed lights, a conventional chandelier with a contemporary twist helps define the dining room. A table lamp and Moroccan-inspired lanterns also provide a soft ambient glow.

Balance Lighting and Furniture

The dining table is the most dominant piece of furniture in this room so the lighting above has to be just as grand. A pair of classic Riley chandeliers in antique silver creates just the right presence.

Bring in the Sun

Make the most of natural light. Retracting translucent stacking blinds open to reveal a full view of the beautiful garden and allow in tons of sunshine, but when closed, they still bathe the room in a soft, diffused light. Rice-paper and cherry-wood lantern-style fixtures complement the Japanese design of the room.

Think About a Room's Purpose

This space needed to triple as a home office, art studio and lounge area, so Candice includes moveable track and under-mounted cabinet lighting to provide plenty of task lighting. In the lounge area, a funky helix-shaped fixture in teal and purple crystals adds ambience.

Complement the Style

Enhance a room's design style. For this living room, Candice chooses classic gold sconces, a crystal chandelier and recessed lighting to reflect the traditional surroundings.

Make a Statement

Create instant wow factor with an eye-catching chandelier. A black crystal chandelier plays against the theatrical backdrop of the banquette in this dining room. Recessed lighting brightens the rest of the space without taking away from the chandelier's grandeur.

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