Colorful Bedroom Decorating Design Ideas 2011

Monochromatic Magnificence

Create a soothing yet bold look with a monochromatic color scheme. Here, a cream floor rug and bedding are the perfect complement for a sophisticated gray-blue wall color. Blue hues create a sense of calm, making this bedroom a peaceful oasis to escape to at night

Simple Stripes

A bright green-and-white striped floor rug kicks up the style in this room. The stripe motif continues on the wall, where white molding separates a section of light green and dark green to create a simple yet beautiful look .

Perfect Pair 

Back up an upholstered headboard with a wall in the same color to create a cheery look. Here, a seafoam green and cream country French pattern complements a seafoam green paneled wall. Add extra style to the bedding by using a fun patterned bedspread and throw pillows in different bold colors. The end result is a young, fun bed with room to experiment with patterns .

Get Inspired

Start with a neutral palette and find ways to bring in color through bedding and accessories. Here, splashes of apple green in the mostly white room make it feel vibrant and alive. Swap out a headboard for a montage of framed pictures and paintings to add a unique, personal touch to the room. The gallery-style art arrangement gives this room a casual feel .

Towel Tricks

You don't have to follow the rules when you're hunting for the perfect color and pattern. Here, yellow-and-white patterned bath towels get new life as a bed skirt. Letting color peek through in unexpected places adds interest to classic bedding .

Restful Retreat

Get inspired by your favorite places when decorating your bedroom. Here, a bedroom uses a beach theme, with sand-colored walls and vintage-inspired fabrics, to create a soothing vibe. A blue upholstered headboard and blue trim on the bedspread adds a water-like hue to the palette. The beaded-board ceiling and grass-cloth walls add rustic texture to a room filled with beachside memories

Vintage Charm

When trying to create a vintage vibe, color selection is essential. Here, a green, pink, blue, and white color scheme works together to make the bedroom look like it's straight out of the 1920s. Don't be afraid to mix different shades of colors and to play with patterns. Dark wood furnishings add sophistication to the decor .

Trendy Metallic

Use a metallic color to dress up an ordinary bedroom. Here, the combination of matte blue-gray walls and the metallic blue-gray bed skirt, wall art, and bedding details creates an unforgettable look. Add silver accessories to play up the metallic pieces .

Casually Modern

One strong pattern in a room is enough to make a big difference. Here, a contrasting print on the window treatments steals the show. The fabric's black circles on a white background create a bold diamond-shape pattern when pushed to the sides and gives the room a cool and contemporary look. A soothing green bedspread complements the dramatic black-and-white patterns

Lovely Lavender

Blue-violet paired with white creates a feminine look in this room. Lavender is a strong color, so it's important to keep this in mind when using it for the wall color. A rule of thumb: Choose the top (and lightest) color on the paint card when selecting a bold color for walls

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