Guest Bedroom Pictures 2011 " HGTV Dream Home 2011 "

The guest suite, located on HGTV Dream Home's lower level, is inspired by boutique hotel room design.

Touches of metallics brighten the space, which features dark walls and limited natural light.

"If you look outside at the stone around the fire pit," says interior designer Linda Woodrum, "you'll notice that the colors in that stone foundation are replicated in the bedroom colors."

Synthetic, easy-care upholstery fabrics mimic the look of luxurious wool and mohair.

Steel floor lamps in a polished-nickel finish add an industrial edge to the guest space.

A glass urn holds a bouquet of white snowball lilacs and hydrangea, a pleasant reminder of springtime during the coldest winter months.

Pendant lights with drum shades flank the queen-size bed. Chrome and glass side tables topped with greenery and black-and-white photography lend an urban design sensibility.

A design vignette at the entrance to the guest bedroom hints at the room's color palette and design scheme. Glicees on paper by artist Charles Sabec capture one's attention.

Italian linens and contemporary furnishings, including a platform bed crafted from Appalachian hardwoods, elevate the guest room design.


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