Modern Bathrooms Decorating Designs by Candice Olson from HGTV

Modern Bathrooms Decorating Designs by Candice Olson from HGTV

When it comes to creating stunning and luxurious bathrooms, Candice Olson from HGTV is a name that stands out. Known for her impeccable design skills and attention to detail, Olson has transformed countless bathrooms into havens of relaxation and style. Her modern bathroom decorating designs are a testament to her talent and ability to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we will explore some of Candice Olson's most noteworthy bathroom designs and learn how to incorporate her signature style into your own home.

One of the hallmarks of Candice Olson's bathroom designs is the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. She understands that a bathroom is not only a space for daily routines but also a sanctuary where one can unwind and rejuvenate. Her designs often feature clean lines, luxurious materials, and a soothing color palette. By combining these elements, Olson creates a sense of harmony and tranquility in every bathroom she designs.

In terms of color schemes, Candice Olson often opts for neutral tones with subtle pops of color. Shades of white, cream, and gray dominate the space, creating a serene and timeless ambiance. These neutral backgrounds serve as a canvas for accentuating other design elements such as fixtures, accessories, and artwork. Olson occasionally introduces bold colors through decorative elements like vibrant mosaic tiles or statement wallpaper, injecting personality and visual interest into the space.

Lighting plays a crucial role in Olson's bathroom designs. She understands that the right lighting can enhance the overall atmosphere and mood of a space. To achieve this, she incorporates a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Recessed lighting is often used to provide general illumination, while strategically placed sconces or pendant lights offer targeted lighting for specific areas like the vanity or bathtub. Additionally, she frequently includes large windows or skylights to bring in natural light, creating an airy and refreshing feel.

Candice Olson's attention to detail is evident in her choice of materials and textures for bathroom surfaces. She often incorporates a mix of natural and luxurious materials, such as marble, granite, glass, and high-quality woods. These materials not only add a sense of sophistication but also contribute to the overall functionality of the space. For example, using large-format tiles on the floor and walls can visually enlarge a small bathroom, while a well-placed mirror can create the illusion of more space.

Storage is another crucial aspect of modern bathroom design, and Olson makes sure to address it in her projects. She cleverly integrates storage solutions into the design without sacrificing style. Floating vanities with ample drawer space, built-in niches, and wall-mounted cabinets are some of the options she utilizes to maximize storage while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look.

Modern Luxury

Glass mosaic shower tiles and marble floor tiles lend a watery theme to the bathroom completed in restful hues of blue and green. Modern sconces and recessed cans allow for ambient and task lighting, while a skylight illuminates the soaker tub and frameless shower enclosure. Mirror-mounted faucets add an ultra-contemporary finishing touch to the space.

Show-Stopping Bathroom

To create a modern, boutique-hotel vibe, Candice injects the bathroom with a palette of grays, blues and pure snow. Elements, like the ceiling mural, stainless steel chain window treatment and gray and white mosaic-tiled wall, are pieces of art while also adding function and personality to the space. 

Spa-Like Retreat

A watery-green palette sets the tone for this relaxing bathroom, which features a soaker tub and glass steam shower. The same marble mosaic tiles used in the shower is carried over to the sink's backsplash, adding color to the rich mahogany cabinets and white quartz countertops.

Suite Getaway

In this 100-year-old row house, Candice creates a loft master suite full of modern amenities and high-end finishes. A glass-enclosed shower complete with solid white quartz walls and a green-tiled feature wall is paired with a stylish vanity and quartz countertops.

Streamlined Elegance

Cool, clean colors, modern fixtures and smart yet stylish storage combine to create a refreshing, luxurious bathroom. The frameless glass enclosure of the walk-in shower keeps the space light and airy while separating it from the deep soaker tub.

Finally, Candice Olson's bathroom designs often feature statement pieces that serve as focal points and elevate the overall aesthetic. These could be anything from a freestanding bathtub with sleek lines to a visually striking vanity or an eye-catching piece of artwork. By carefully selecting and placing these elements, Olson adds personality and visual impact to her designs, making each bathroom unique and memorable.

In conclusion, Candice Olson from HGTV is a master of modern bathroom decorating designs. Her ability to create luxurious, functional, and visually stunning spaces is unparalleled. By incorporating her signature style, characterized by a harmonious color palette, careful lighting choices, attention to detail, and statement pieces, you can transform your own bathroom into a sanctuary of style and relaxation. Take inspiration from Candice Olson's designs, and embark on your own journey to create a modern bathroom that reflects your personal taste and enhances your daily routines.

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