Modern Shower Curtains Design Ideas 2011 With Neutral Color

These neutral shower curtains calm and center any bathroom space

Calming Cream

This eclectic bathroom hits the right balance of peace and fun with the yellow walls, bath mat and the calming beige and cream shower curtain. Design by RMS user mstupski.

Tall Textile

The tall built-in cabinets, shower curtain and tile lines give this bathroom a wonderful sense of height.

Matching Materials

From the cabinets to the curtains, this bathroom has a washed-over gray that really makes the sunflowers pop.

Flowy Fabric

Masculine tiles and dark wood are accentuated by the crisp, clean white of the shower curtain. Design by Erica Islas.

Sepia Serenity

The soft and glossy stripes of the white shower curtain give this still-life bathroom some motion. Design by Marie Burgos.

Simple Stripes

With the multiple patterns and colors in this bathroom, the simple gray and white curtain anchors this room.

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