Windows Curtains Design Ideas 2011 Photo Gallery

The curtains or blinds of a window can make or break the interior design of any site, whether home, office or even a restaurant. Curtains and blinds can make homes look sophisticated and comfortable feel. It is thus important that people have an understanding of the importance of choosing the right curtains or blinds for your windows.

To get the perfect curtain, you need to take hold of the fundamentals of bay windows. First things first, how did exactly the windows get its curve? A bay window is basically a set of three windows that had been joined together to form one big view.

The windows are set in an angle to form a concave, or a shallow opening space. When you have intended to initially include a window in the original plan of the house, architects usually place the angle at thirty to forty degrees, which could trick the eye to make the room look spacious and bigger.

The opening that the bay window creates allows more fresh air and light to come into the house. If you prefer to utilize the rest of the lot area for gardening, a bay window could be the perfect spot where you could relax your mind, drink coffee, read a book, or just to take a good look at your greens .


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