Asian Contemporary Bedroom Furniture from HAIKU Designs

Asian contemporary bedroom furniture combines modern design elements with traditional Asian influences to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Whether you're looking to create a Zen-inspired oasis or a minimalist and chic space, there are plenty of options for Asian contemporary bedroom furniture. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Asian art and home decor ... mysterious and mystic symbolism combined with exotic imagery, and origins dating back thousands of years, are what puts Asian design among the most popular around the world today. 

The Asiatic style, otherwise known as Far Eastern or Oriental decorating, has several distinct roots tracing back to the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan.  The most prolific Asian motifs found throughout the world, however, fall into the Chinese and Japanese categories

The Tokyo Platform Bed and Bedroom Furniture Collection

The Tokyo Bed™ and Bedroom Furniture Collection from Haiku Designs, represents the highest expression of contemporary furniture design. In terms of quality of construction, elegance of design, comfort and appeal, as well impact on the environment, the Tokyo furniture is quite simply, one of the best possible choices for the bedroom available on the market today. Based on the Japanese minimalist themes of simplicity and harmony, designed and manufactured in Italy from the highest quality Eco-friendly components, the Tokyo bed is the most perfect combination of both the Eastern and Western design worlds

The Tokyo Floating Platform Bed Collection

This unique, Italian designed and manufactured Bedroom Furniture Collection from Haiku Designs features an unusual "Floating" look of the platform bed and side night shelves. What this means is that by recessing the support feet and foundation structure the bed seems to float above the surface of the floor offering a look that is dramatic and attractive. When matched with the low-profile bed silhouette, and the clean, uncluttered lines of the furniture, the overall effect can only be described as amazing and will create a luxurious space of retreat in your own bedroom that is stunning to the eye and pleasing to the senses. Offering simple beauty, ultra comfort and affordable, high-end eco-friendly construction, the Tokyo Bedroom Furniture collection is a great value choice for the bedroom of today. 

Kyoto Platform Bed and Japanese Bedroom Furniture

The Edo Period in Japan from 1500-1780 AD is what many people think of when picturing classical Japanese culture. Characterized by the principles of simplicity, restrained elegance and the Zen aspect of harmony with nature; art, architecture and furniture design reached a creative peak in Japanese history.
Kyoto was the capitol of classical Japan during the Edo period and was a place of beautiful cherry tree lined avenues and architectural wonders, where people had a deep appreciation for the arts. Haiku Designs is pleased to offer our Kyoto Platform Bed and the Kyoto Nightstand, one of our lines of contemporary bedroom furniture that captures some of the elegant beauty and magic of this classical Edo period. Many of the design themes of simplicity and elegance, found in Japan during this Edo period are incorporated into many of our contemporary bedroom furniture sets and are updated for a look that is fresh, new, and decidedly modern. 

The ModRest Platform Bed

The new ModRest platform bed from Haiku Designs offers a sleek contemporary look with function and comfort like no other bed, nor platform bed you have ever seen. Based on the design theme of “Simplicity in Form Creates Harmony in Function," the ModRest bed offers simple straightforward design lines, a low-profile structure, and the luxury and beauty of authentic leather padded construction. 

The Notting Hill area of London is a rich mix of cosmopolitan tastes and affluence, and artistic alternative culture creating a rich pallet of trends, fashions, and living styles.  In honor of that blend and as part of our great cities of the world collection, Haiku Designs is pleased to introduce the unique and distinct Notting Hill Platform bed and matching Bedroom Furniture Set paying tribute to the synthesis found in Notting Hill in the blending of several different furniture styles into one exceptional furniture design. 

The De Novo Platform Bed

The De Novo platform bed from Haiku Designs offers a fresh contemporary look  combined with function and comfort like no other bed. This Platform Bed is named for the Latin expression "de novo" meaning "fresh" and "anew." The De Novo platform bed embodies the design theme of “Simplicity in Form Creates Harmony in Function," with its simple straightforward design lines, a low profile structure, and the luxury and beauty of authentic leather padded construction.

The Rajah Platform Bed With Storage

When referring to the East or the Orient, most people would think of Japan, China, Korea or areas close to these countries. If you had asked, however, any Europeans in the 1700 and 1800’s to what country they would refer to when mentioning the East, they would have quickly replied to "India" or the "Indian subcontinent." It is to this area that we take our inspiration for our beautiful Rajah Platform as well as the full line of Rajah complimentary bedroom furniture. "Rajah" is Sanskrit for "king" and the term is used in Southeast Asia and India to signify that the bearer of the title is of noble lineage. 

The Relax Storage Platform Bed

Looking for an affordable, attractive new bed, and need plenty of storage space for all of your important things? Haiku Designs is pleased to offer for your consideration, the Relax Storage Platform bed featuring the simplicity and beauty of Japanese style minimal design and the added benefit of under-the-bed drawers offering plenty of extra storage space. 

Do you have the room and want to consider a full redo of your bedroom? The Relax Storage Platform bed can be the ideal choice, offering an affordable, high quality platform bed and a wide selection of matching nightstands, dressers, chests,  mirrors and media centers. Mix and match to fit your budget and bedroom furniture requirements and create for yourself the perfect combination of looks, functions and storage capacity.

Take the principals of simplicity and harmony, incorporate high-quality Italian furniture manufacturing, add the stunning beauty and luxurious feel of authentic textile leather and the end result is our Nikko Platform bed and matching bedroom furniture collection.

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