Headboard Projects Designs Ideas 2012

Make a personal statement in your bedroom retreat with a pretty headboard for the bed. You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing  Bedroom , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Perfectly Padded 

For a new take on an upholstered headboard, hang a bench cushion by its ties from wall-mounted hooks. Top the hooks with a piece of over-door molding, which you can find at a home center. To create a tufted look, sew covered buttons to the cushion with ribbon, poking both ends through the bottom of the cushion. Pull the ends tight and tie.

Window of Opportunity 

Create an elegant headboard like this one by spraying two shutters with two coats of primer and 2 coats of metallic paint, then finishing with two coats of sealant. Allow the shutters to dry between coats. Measure the inside of each panel and cut fabric to fit each opening, adding 1/2 inch on all sides. Place batting inside the panel to cover the entire area. Cover with a piece of fabric and attach to batting along the edges with hot glue. Secure the corners and along the top with a staple gun. Use ribbon as a trim to finish. Repeat for each panel.

Garden Inspiration 

Bring the serenity of a garden to the bedroom with a headboard fashioned from two trellises. Cut away the ends on one side of each panel so the trellises abut. Secure them together with wood screws. Staple a paper square to the back of each opening. Use hot glue to attach art prints to the front of some of the panels.

 Tall Order

Create a custom headboard that rises to the occasion by covering an inexpensive artist's canvas with fabric. Just pull the fabric tightly across the frame and secure with a staple gun. Then prop the canvas behind your bed -- no power tools required. When it's time to change out your bedding, simply re-cover the canvas with new coordinating fabric for a fresh look

Spreading the Word 

Make a bold statement with a headboard created from a curtain panel. Use fabric markers of different thicknesses or colors to write favorite quotes, poems, or lyrics on the panel. Hang the creation from a curtain rod using clip rings.

Chic Screen

Cozy up your bedroom by unfolding a fireplace screen and hanging it on the wall behind your bed as a headboard. For an antique look, use spray paint to cover the screen in blue. After it?s dry, dip a sponge in bronze paint and wipe a light coat on the screen. Repeat with copper paint. Finish with a clear spray-on sealant.

Pop of Color 

Add a splash of interest to a plain metal headboard by draping a panel of pretty fabric over it. Simply cut to size and tuck the ends under the mattress to help it stay in place.

Modern Mystery

No one will suspect such an elegant metal headboard was created from a cheap find at a discount home store. Look for metal scrollwork in interesting motifs. Two panels can be hung together to create a modern headboard. These pieces were covered with two coats of brushed-silver paint to give them a soft, chic look.

Frame It

Inexpensive photo frames can be found at garage sales or thrift shops and make a magnificent headboard. Remove the glass from the frames and cut batting the same size as the frame back. Cut fabric to size, adding 3 inches on each side. Lay the batting on the frame back and cover it with the fabric, wrapping excess over the back. Pull taut and fasten with duct tape. Insert the back into the frame. Hang three frames side by side for a picture-perfect headboard.

Modern Masterpiece

Adhesive decals make it easy for anyone to become an artist. Create your own masterpiece by attaching designs to painted foam-core board. Surround the creation with a black metal frame. (We customized our frame with a coat of bronze spray paint.) Finish the look by using ribbon as trim and hot-glue it along the inside border of the frame.


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