Mark Diaz's Design Portfolio From HGTV Design Star season six 2011

Mark Diaz from "Design Star 2011" is one of the contestants in Season 6 of the interior design reality competition series on HGTV. He has a passion for edgy, modern styles and loves to include Asian-inspired minimalism and postwar industrial designs. He is a 33-year-old interior designer from Miami, Florida.

Mark Diaz ("Design Star 6"), who grew up in a large Cuban/Italian family, says he always had a natural knack for design. After winning a scholarship for his design work in high school, Mark went on to earn a B.A. degree, Design in Architecture, from Florida International University. With a self-described passion for edgy, modern styles, he moved to New York City where he specialized in luxury hospitality design. Despite a successful career, Mark says he missed the Florida sun and returned to Miami to start his own firm. His favorite design styles, which include mid-century modern, Asian-inspired minimalism and post-war industrial, combined with his love of martial arts, are the inspiration for his current line of chandeliers that are crafted from brass knuckles.

Natural and Modern

Organic and contemporary materials are combined to create a modern guest bathroom. Amazonian wood floors ground the room, and Diaz chooses a custom-designed floating vanity and a glass tile feature wall to create some wow-worthy moments in the space. 

Contemporary Master Bathroom

The master bathroom features Wenge floors and ceiling. A monolithic marble tub overlooks the bay, while a cantilevered vanity for two and sleek pendants fit in perfectly to the contemporary design.

Modern Miami Home

The 5,500-square-foot home on Palm Island in Miami features teak ceilings and decking. The modern structure has glass stair railings, custom stainless steel scuppers and a two-story vertical wood and aluminum louvered ribbed screen.

Elegant Dining

Rustic meets contemporary in the main bar and formal dining area of Barolo Ristorante. Sheer curtain panels allow filtered light into the space, while oversized mirrors help to expand the room visually.

Barolo Ristorante

For the Barolo Ristorante in Miami, Fla., Diaz designs an unexpected wine bottle display for their wine tasting bar. Dark woods and low lighting give the space a cozy, inviting ambience, while a large column is covered in mosaic tiles for a touch of sparkle.

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