Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas 2012 From Marchi Cucine

The Marchi Group specializes in creating traditional style kitchens that look straight out of a folk tale. These traditional country style kitchens are easy for you to associate with and they somehow seem familiar eventhough you are seeing them for the first time.

Hopefully you get new ideas to beautify your Kitchen in the house. I hope you like it . Enjoy !


The brown wash finish is another of the impeccable variations in style of English Mood kitchen furniture. The wood is tinted but the colour allows the natural shades and authentic grain to be visible. The effect is extraordinarily country.
The sink is in stone chips in a pale shade of brick red  a colour that matches enchantingly with the warm hue of the white brown wash finish.
New country elegance revives the use of iron. This composition includes an iron light fitting with fabric shades and a slim chair in rust-coloured iron


An interior built around the idea of the old fireplace, with two walls built around the oven unit and an extractor hood inserted into the structure, to which it is linked by boiserie panelling and trims. The whole is an exhibition of architecture for interiors.
Solutions to realize the desire to combine practicality with nostalgic beauty: a small regiment of little drawers and an open dresser in the dining area.
The atmosphere of old country mansions, hunting lodges, country cottages, is immediately evident through a small wooden chest on a base with drawers, or wrought iron chairs with woven cane seats.
Columns with English style glazing conceal a pantry or refrigerator. Clever use of boiserie panelling creates new space that is airy, useful and decorative. The stone used for the sink and worktops evokes times gone by and the good things in life.


In the English Mood collection an island traces a new path of elegance. Refined style involves every space: the well-equipped cooking hob reveals a taste for true culinary art, the wine cellar area satisfies the delicate palate of wine experts, and in conclusion, the impeccable dining area will delight your guests’ attentive gaze.
All chefs need the support of strategically placed equipment. So here is a cooking unit with two ovens between stainless steel pull-out container drawers, a cooking hob with cast iron grids and fry-top, and a channel equipped with plate drainer, drinking glass drainer, container, bottle holders and knife holder block.
Although the geometry of the table may change from round to square, the geography of the area around the island does not change and remains a sea of certainty. On the horizon of the wall we see the slim dressers that contain our crockery or the columns equipped with all mod cons: wine cellar, water-dispenser with ice maker, coffee machine, multi-function and microwave ovens. Overhead is an extractor hood with ladles hanging on a bar, ready to serve the expert chef.


For those who really love cooking, the word “style” has just one meaning: a cosy kitchen for guests, as refined as the host’s or hostess’s recipes, equipped to professional standards. That’s why our English Mood kitchen furniture is integrated by the idea of an island, with new equipment and finishes that reflect modern elegance. In addition to our traditional colours, Butter white, String, Aurora blue, and Milkymint green, there is now Clay, which creates a fashion shade also for the kitchen, and Chalk white for an even fresher, cleaner and luminous ambience.


The pale blue brown wah finish expresses a Mediterranean character in look and contents which reveal small but important artifices to make life more comfortable. An example is the double glass door behind the slatted blinds.
In landowners’ homes, on farms, in the farmhouses of a century ago, the original shape of the sink must have been very similar to a bowl standing on a worktop. Today that shape re-appears in marble chip sparkling with fragments of blue stone.
The sophisticated Anglo Saxon taste of English Mood opens up to the wood, perfumes and creativity of Southern Europe. In this way the most inventive solutions are found also for areas with reduced space. Here the sink and cooking hob stand on an open base and the oven finds an unusual collocation between shelves.

The charm of country houses with their colored plastered walls and sloping old terracotta tiled roofs, bring back happy memories and a touch of nostalgia.
For some time we have felt the need to a return to values of times past; the quiet dignity of our grandparents, a love of nature and beauty, often to be found in the simpler things that bring a feeling of harmony inside the home.
Recalling traditional elements, the need to recover the values of times gone by, the wisdom of grandparents passed on with love and affection to new generations: Doralice is a kitchen designed for those who feel the need for the simple things of the past, the delicious flavour of a home-cooked country dish, rediscovering the long-forgotten pleasure of quiet country life

A kitchen designed for those who love to live in harmony with nature, and who appreciate the soothing tranquillity of an interior that transforms daily routine into a place of quiet relaxation.
Inspired by the life-style of the sun-soaked landscapes of the Mediterranean where life seems to still bond so closely with the land and ancient times, the Dhialma line evokes the dazzling brightness of Mediterranean sunlight, like a dream that lingers on after we have woken

The dense green of the Amazon rain forest, the yellow ochre of the Dhakla desert, the bright blue skies of Ireland, and the crimson Moorish details on the houses of Andalusia: these are the inspirations for the unusual color choices for some of the elements in the Incontrada line.


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