Tropical Dining Room Decorating Ideas 2012 from HGTV

Tropical decor infuses the home with the feel of the islands. To get a tropical look for your interior design, start with furniture that can weather both indoor or outdoor environments, and look for natural materials such as rattan, jute, wicker and bamboo. Add coastal touches that can run toward nautical (think sailor’s knots and vintage oars) or surfer chic (hammocks, sandy floors, maybe a tiki torch or two), Bali exotic or Palm Beach. Tropical style is all about comfort and ease, and embracing the warm hospitality that goes hand in hand with island living. Big-leaf plants, such as banana plants, bring tropical flair to landscaping, entries, sunrooms and interiors. Where living tropical plants aren’t practical, you can bring in the feeling of the tropics through fabrics and accessories printed with island motifs, tropical plants and materials.

Sectioned off by a sisal-style nylon rug, the dining table showcases the handiwork of carpenter David Brown. The top is fashioned from antique, heart-pine flooring, and old cedar fence posts serve as table legs.

This African-inspired dining room has custom-designed walnut cabinetry that incorporates 3-Form translucent panels backlit with LED lights, sculptural Dracaena and snake plants. The warm golden yellow walls bring warmth to the space.

From the leopard rug to the exotic carved dining room chairs this dining room has a grand feel without being too theme. Photograph by Cynthia MacDonald.


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