Tropical living Room Decorating Ideas 2012 from HGTV

Tropical living room decorating includes such staples as palm trees, seashells, coral, star fish and sand dollars, all within reach on a stroll down the beach. Additional accents for the exotic island experience include colorful figurines of birds, fish, monkeys, fruits, pineapples, coconuts, large plants, darkly stained rattan and weathered leather furniture.

You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing style living room , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

This master suite sitting area features custom walnut and Macassar ebony millwork incorporated in a custom-carved, 4-inch tall 'scratched' edge profile to tie into the African-inspired style. The furniture is solid teak from Africa, and the striped fabric is from Kravet.

This living room is the perfect mix of eclecticism. The space incorporates a transition feel with the modern classic lines of the sofa. Elements from Asia, India and the sea bring this room together.

A Florida vacation home can't be complete without bright tropical colors and seashell accessories. Being steps from the beautiful St. Petersburg beach, the soft sands outside are united with the interior. The glass door etagere on the back wall typically stores fine dinnerware, but here it showcases the beautiful seashells that can be found all over Florida’s amazing beaches. While not being overdone, collectibles such as these add a personal touch that most rooms crave.

The majestic living room of this oceanfront penthouse is reminiscent of the grand hotels of the turn of the century. A combination of lighting, drapery and palm trees were used to scale down the double-height space. The color scheme of soft golds, beiges, blues and greens was inspired by the beach.

Take advantage of using the ocean as a backdrop if you can. Nothing soothes the soul more than a beautiful oceanic view, which can be complemented by cool colors and furniture selections. A few hints of nature’s surroundings such as conch shells, star fish and sea-inspired lamps can easily bring the outdoors inside.

Art and accessories are a very delicate step. They are going to be your most important complement in the design of any space. Having a good selection of art and accessories is almost as important as the entire project itself.


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