Using Color Easy by Sherwin-Williams From HGTV

These paint color collections make it easier than ever to decorate one space or to create room-to-room harmony throughout your entire home. Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

The Colors Work On Many Surfaces

Walls, ceilings, trim, floors, furniture, cabinets and accessories — no matter what you're painting, the colors, expertly selected for each collection, work beautifully together.

Coordination Boosts Confidence

"More and more people are becoming confident in their ability to create designer-look rooms all on their own," says Jackie. "Painting walls vibrant colors can be a way for your home to reflect your personality — and it's easy to try something new."

Inspiration Translates to Color Choices

What catches your eye? The sky, a seashell, a car, an outfit, flowers? What's your favorite place? Take note and a pattern will emerge. Notice the colors you love, and then choose the palette(s) in this collection to make your home your favorite place.

You're Not Stuck in Neutral

Each collection features neutral options, but quiet background choices don't have to mean boring spaces. You have the freedom to choose as few or as many and as calm or as bright colors as you wish. No matter how you combine them, you'll always have a perfect palette.

The Color Collections Are Design Guides

Colors within each of the eight collections work beautifully together, no matter how many or how few you select. Pull the hues into window treatments, pillows, fabrics, area rugs and accessories or update the look of furniture with a fresh coat of paint.

You Can Start Small

Paint a dresser, chairs, desk, bookcase or picture frames with a color you love, but are afraid to use in large doses. Or, experiment with a new wall color in a small space like a foyer, powder room or laundry room. Small steps into the world of color increase your confidence.

The Collections Simplify the Simple

Paint color is one of the simplest ways to change the atmosphere of a room — and to have fun with it. It doesn't take an expert to reinvigorate a room with color. Depending on the new shade(s), a room can be dramatically different or simply refreshed. Even a new coating of ivory or light gray over a white wall can make a big difference!

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