Blue Decorating Design Ideas

With this collection of blue decorations I hope to be inspiring you to choose the right blue decoration for you ,
You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing Room , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Got the Blues? Let us guide you with a selection of blue color schemes for your rooms that are sure to lighten your mood.

Family-Friendly Color Scheme 

Baby Blue + Grass Green + Camel
For a cheery color combo in a family-focused room, you can't beat the country's most popular color, blue, or its cool partner, green. Throw in a bit of neutral such as this kid-proof camel color sofa, and you've got a palette the whole family can live with.

Cozy Color Scheme 

Soft Aqua + Tan + Green
Touches of aqua and green liven up this otherwise neutral room giving it a homey and comfortable feel.

Eclectic Color Scheme 

Periwinkle + Brown + Teal
For a more out-of-the-ordinary look consider pairing periwinkle walls with accents of brown and teal. Periwinkle has a twinge of purple, which makes it the perfect option if you want to use blue, but are aiming for a signature look

All-American Color Scheme 

Blue + Red + White
What could be more appealing in a room where your family spends some of its best times than red, white, and blue? Mix in several shades of blue, from light to dark, to keep the look fresh.

Saturated Color Scheme 

Turquoise + Ivy
Find a fabric you love and use it to inspire your color combo. This peppy comforter provides the palette for this bedroom full of repurposed items. Once you have your fabric, go shopping in your attic, basement, or other rooms for underused furnishings, such as this bench, that you can update inexpensively with paint or fabric. Add saturated color to walls, bedding, window treatments, and furniture.

Fanciful Color Scheme 

Blue + Red + Yellow
As the three primary colors of the color wheel, blue, red, and yellow make a classic color scheme. Try blue walls with a red upholstered piece such as a bench or another piece of upholstered furniture. Choose bedding that features all three colors and incorporate yellow throw pillows.

Nautical Color Scheme 

Ocean Blue + Off-White + Red
Get a maritime look with a nautical color scheme. Use off-white on upper walls and ceiling, pale ocean blue on the main wall areas, white upholstery or bedding as seen in this pretty bedroom, and add accents in red and blue. Include shipshape wood furniture for additional warmth

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