2012 Candice Olson Living Room Design Tips

Check out these designer living rooms with simple tips from Candice Olson on how to transform your ordinary living room into an extraordinary space the whole family can enjoy.

Add Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles

Glass mosaic fireplace tiles are an easy way to spice up a living room design. To create a vibrant and contemporary focal point, designer Candice Olson suggests adding an elevated fireplace covered in floor-to-ceiling glass tiles in hues that coordinate with your palette. This will add both visual and physical warmth within a room, she says. Design by Christopher J. Grubb

Splash Color on the Walls

Add some zest to your living room design with a fresh coat of paint. Use the mosaic fireplace tiles to help inspire your entire color palette. Whatever color you choose for your walls will set the mood and tone for the entire space. To create a warm and inviting environment, Candice prefers using bold hues, like charcoal or chocolate brown. Design by Kenneth Brown

Warm Up the Window Treatments

One of the most common decorating mistakes is forgetting the window treatments. To soften charcoal walls and make a dramatic statement, Candice suggests adding copper-colored silk panels and woven blinds. In this contemporary living room, designer Ana Donohue enhanced charcoal walls with ivory, copper and charcoal patterned panels in a shiny silk fabric.

Create a Conversational Atmosphere

You can never have enough seating, and if you're living room isn't quite large enough to house a large sectional or L-shaped sofa, then individual chairs are always a great option. Candice suggests adding lounge chairs with a high, round table to provide plenty of space for guests to relax and unwind. In this contemporary living room, designer Troy Beasley added four separate lounge chairs on either side of a sofa and small bench. A conversational furniture arrangement can make all the difference in the world, especially when hosting parties.

Add an Extra-Large Sofa

When creating a family-style living room, comfortable seating should be one of the top considerations when choosing furniture. A stylish and cozy L-shaped microfiber sofa provides plenty of seating for everyone, and the kid-friendly fabric is ideal because of its durability, absorption and softness. Add lots of throw pillows in various patterns and fabrics for extra comfort, Candice says. Design by Gregory Augustine

Showcase Your Collections

A built-in wall unit can be the perfect addition to a living room. Add mirrors to a few of the shelves to visually expand the space while adding extra dimension. Candice likes to use living room bookshelves to showcase the homeowner's collection of artwork, accessories and books. This can also be the perfect place to hide a flat-screen television. Design by Christopher J. Grubb

Add Proper Lighting

Along with a beautiful wall color, proper lighting can alter and affect the tone of a room. To help brighten a space without washing out the walls and furnishings, Candice says to install recessed lighting, monopoint spotlights and to incorporate stylish drum pendants above the sofa side tables. The result is a bright and inviting living room with continuous warmth and comfort. Design by Andreas Charalambous

Don't Forget the Accents

No room is complete without striking accent pieces and coordinating decor. To finish off a room, Candice says to add a contemporary coffee table, a spacious area rug and eye-catching pieces of art. Designer Joseph Pubillones spiced up a neutral color palette with vibrant blue artwork and unique sculptural pieces.

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