2012 Cozy Colorful Living Rooms Design Ideas

You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing Living Room  with this collection of 2012 cozy colorful living rooms design ideas  , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Bold & Bright 

Lots of bright colors and natural light in this living room make for an inviting family space. Make bold accents really pop by placing them against white backgrounds, such as the hanging flower balls above the fireplace. Opt for carpet squares that let you mix and match the colored squares to spice up a dull floor.

Square Off 

Bright, contemporary artwork helps a traditional room look fresh. The bright green in the art amps up the light green colors in the space and pulls the room together to give it one cohesive look.

Mantel Madness 

Playful mantel decor adds color and fun to an otherwise plain fireplace. Here, an assortment of framed art and shapes pop against the white mantel. Solid colors on the walls, mantel, and upholstery leave room to layer patterns with pillows and art.

Opposites Attract

Textures and patterns in one color add complexity to a room's design. Here, brown is found in several different places, including a velvet couch and zebra-stripe rug, giving the room a youthful vitality. The bold, cheerful patterns and inventive details add personality to the living room.

Breaking the Rules

Stop following the "rules" of color usage. Mixing pinks and reds with playful patterns makes this room a family-friendly gem. The playful fish artwork takes away the seriousness of design and keeps the space lighthearted and carefree.

Color Me Coral

A sea coral-inspired light blue and ocher color palette gives a curl-up-and-relax vibe to this beach retreat. The soft and refreshing neutral colors complement the simple design of this living room, making it the perfect escape.

Bold Accent Wall

Paint a wall with a bold accent color for a simple yet effective touch of color. This olive green accent wall pulls the furniture colors and patterns together to create a unified look. For a big, open space like this, grouping furniture into one compact vicinity with a clear color scheme helps differentiate one area from another.

Simple Details

Use cool-color pillows to dress up a neutral room. Here, a variety of patterned blue throw pillows perks up the plain design. These simple additions go a long way toward boosting the overall effect of the room.

Bold & Inviting

Use artwork to make a statement. Framed in white, this bold display of New Yorker covers gets an extra boost from the green walls. On the adjacent wall a colorful painting features hues found in the magazine covers and upholstered floor cushions. This mix of colors, artwork, and seating options creates a space that's both modern and inviting.

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