2012 White Kitchen Cabinets Decorating Design Ideas

For classic choice to your kitchen , White cabinets is  the right choice. Providing a neutral backdrop, white cabinets can be left alone or dressed up with colorful art and accessories.

White with Interest 

These white cabinets are anything but boring. A distinctive copper hood, dark countertops, and heavily coffered ceiling become focal points with texture and style.

Mixed Use

Though white cabinets fill the perimeter of this kitchen, it's the generous wood island that adds some personality to the center of the space.

White Cabinets

A clever configuration of maple-finish cabinets interspersed with white-painted medium-density fiberboard units adds visual interest to a bright and light, predominantly white kitchen.

Enjoy the Details

Cabinets with architectural details make an all-white kitchen anything but boring. Beaded-board panels, glass doors, and furniture-style legs add dimension and visual interest.

Punch Up White 

There are relatively few colorful accents in this all-white kitchen, yet the feel is one of a color-filled space. Use this technique to add life and personality to any one-color kitchen.

Vintage White 

White cabinets are combined with white marble counters and white subway tiles used for the cooktop backsplash. Touches of stainless, brass, and blue break up the monotone look while the checkered flooring adds additional interest.

Creamy Tones 

Soften the look of a kitchen by choosing off-white (rather than bright white) cabinets. This ivory hue works well with the brown wood tones and blue tiled backsplash for a room with elegant style.

Vintage French 

Tile is another element to create personality in a white kitchen. A tiled island and backsplash bring in touches of blue. Notice too that the interior of the glass-front cabinets are painted blue as well.

White Cabinets, Pink Walls 

Painted walls are an easy way to boost interest in a kitchen with white cabinets. This space features rosy pink walls as well as a view of colorful vases and accessories through the glass door fronts.

Light Green and White 

Though most of this kitchen sports bright white cabinetry, the island is a different story. A custom paint in pale green helps focus attention on this important element.

Wood and Cream 

Temper an all-white kitchen with touches of other colors and textures. The brick niche and natural wood island in this kitchen warm up the look and feel of the space.

White Cabinets 

White cabinets are a versatile choice for a kitchen. Though usually available in laminate or thermofoil (which can be difficult to paint over), more expensive custom cabinets can be ordered in a painted white or cream finish with distressed or glazed details

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