Colorful Living Rooms Decorating Ideas 2012

This sets of colorful living rooms give you a sense of joy and vitality and comfort . You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing Living Room , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Magic Carpet 

The floor is often overlooked, but when used correctly, it demands attention. Dress up a dull floor with an attention-grabbing periwinkle rug. Inspired by a Midwestern garden in June, this room's color scheme is light, whimsical, and a perfect fit for a cottage getaway.

Cool & Coastal

Cool blues and greens mingle easily in this room. Layered tones add depth and interest to finishes on furnishings and cabinetry. Using seven colors in the same color family throughout the space creates variations that are subtle, delicate, and deliberate.

Wall Wonders 

Walls stand out in this room thanks to paint and clever architectural details. Boring walls were swapped for light green ones that pop. The wall molding adds pattern and design, while white furniture adds a subtle accent color.

 Naturally Bold 

An easy way to spice up a space is to embellish neutral pieces with colorful throw pillows and fixtures. Here, bursts of orange brighten the charming living room. The bold orange accent color looks shocking against the icy blue walls, but this unexpected color scheme creates a fun twist on the otherwise placid room.

Warm Up

Inspired by an orange sunset, the warm-color hues in this room are bold and breathtaking. Slipcovers offer style and color on the armchairs. Accent pillows add oomph to the room and incorporate the color scheme in a mix of solids and patterns.

Color Contrast 

A light interior of white walls and furniture allows colorful elements in the room to pop, such as the blue wall art, antique green chair, and patterned pillows. Seats surround a rustic blue coffee table, which becomes the perfect focal point for family to gather around.

Colorful Inspiration 

Use fabric as inspiration to determine the color scheme of a room. The happy palette in this living room was inspired by the armchair's striped fabric. Shades of blue, yellow, and red with pops of lime and an abundance of patterns and colors create a laid-back room. The colorful accents have extra punch thanks to the living room's white walls.

Apple Green

Go bold on your walls with a fresh paint job. Here, bright green paired with green accent pillows creates an inviting space for hanging out with friends and family. Add a colorful rug to the mixture for a funky feel that makes the room fun yet livable.

Fresh Fireplace

This cottage living room is bright and beautiful with the use of seafoam green and white. The green tile on the fireplace surround adds a pop of color and completes the look. The spines of the books on the bookshelf-covered wall add a creative source of color.

Bold Crimson and Green

A strong color scheme is the foundation of this room's design. Deep crimson and olive green show that opposite colors do attract. The repetition of green squares on the geometric wall art and throw pillows adds unique visual interest.

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