Decorating Design Ideas 2012 With Blue Color

With this collection of blue decorations I hope to be inspiring you to choose the right blue decoration for you ,
You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing Room , I hope you like it . Enjoy !
Blue feels clean; it smells clean. Blue has many moods. It can be sad and depressing yet it also represents wisdom, trust and loyalty. It evokes feelings of hope, piety and spirituality. If we see blue on a food label we often associate it with lowered calories. Dairy products look inviting if blue is on the packaging. Though a blue tablecloth in a restaurant is good, not all blue in an eating environment will be appealing.

 Blue decor: What about a blue room? Designing in blue can be a challenge, yet the results can be quite enjoyable. The challenge comes in knowing how to combine blue with other colors, and choosing the right shades of blue that will be personally pleasing. The White House has long had a blue room.

Blue can be used as a background color on walls and carpeting or it can be used as the foreground color in upholstery and draperies. Pleasant dreams might be the end result of coloring a bedroom in shades of blue. When in a blue environment, time seems to pass slowly and you don't feel rushed.

Cheerful Color Scheme 

Sky Blue + Green + Yellow
Using three analogous colors (hues that are next to each other on the color wheel) is a can't-fail color scheme. Blues, greens, and yellows are always a happy combination. Different shades of sky blue serve as the backdrop for fun prints and accessories that showcase the other hues in the palette. A successful color palette also relies on the support of appropriate neutrals. A wicker chair and linen drum shade contribute to the casual vibe and prevent color overload.

Rich Color Palette 

Cerulean + Slate + Mahogany
Create a sophisticated statement by pairing three saturated hues together. Here, a background of darkly stained wood furniture is the catalyst that propels cerulean blue chair covers to focal point status. While semi-gloss paint is a popular choice for dining room walls, here, a matte slate gray paint is the subtle background needed to showcase the room's blue elements. A honey-colored jute rug provides a light base to ground a room full of dark hues

Refined Color Scheme 

China Blue + Rosy Beige
A neutral foundation of rosy beige walls and white sofas allows pops of China blue to make a statement in this living room. Pattern takes shape in the blue damask ottoman, the blue and white striped curtain panels, and pretty floral pillows

No-Fail Color Scheme 

Cobalt + Black + White
Dark colors have an air of authority about them -- think of colors chosen for uniforms and suits -- that bring gravitas to room décor as well. When you want to create impact with one splash of color, as on this island in a mostly white kitchen, cobalt blue paint plus a black countertop and black chairs do the job

Classic Color Scheme 

Sky Blue + White + Pumpkin

Blue and white is a timeless color combination that suits a dining room especially well. Add in some warm pumpkin such as this paisley chair fabric, and you've got a classic palette to welcome your dinner guests.

Luxe Color Scheme 

Steel Blue + Silver + Pearl
Serene blue goes glam with accents of silver gray and pearl white. The palette, a subtle nod to the ocean, evokes a sophisticated feel, especially when sumptuous fabrics and elegant details emanate throughout the room.

Upbeat Color Scheme 

Shades of Blue + Lemon Yellow
Multiple shades of blue -- from the deep blue wicker chair to the pale blue sofa -- mix and mingle with lemon yellow accents plus textural neutrals such as beige and white.

Comfy Color Scheme 

Ocean Blue + Red + Leafy Green
Green and blue are a natural pair -- think sky and trees or a stream in the forest. Make any room comfy by including this duo-- as used here on the walls and in accents -- then, throw in red from the warm side of the color wheel to balance the two cooler hues.

Complementary Color Scheme 

Blue + Orange
For a color scheme that provides the most dynamic visual interest, opt for a complementary palette. Colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue seen here, will offer high contrast, giving you a simple combo with a lot of zing.

Playful Color Scheme 

Sky Blue + Green + Orange
Sky blue upper walls and ceiling provide the happy envelope for this charming playroom. Vivid green coats the lower walls and covers upholstered chairs in a chipper green tonal stripe fabric. The two hues meet in the middle on the striped curtains. A desk wows the room in warm orange.

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