Decorating in Blue : 2012 Ideas

The color blue can be bold and bright or soft and soothing. See the various faces of blue in this inspiring gallery.

Calm Contemporary Kitchen

This modern space is minimal and serene. A soft color scheme of gentle turquoise, muted pea green, bright white, and basic black is perfect for a room where the food and conversation will star. An entire wall of pale blue mosaic tile is a real eye-catcher.

Bohemian Chic

Mixing cool blue with aqua, orange, and rattan accents creates an eclectic room. Floor cushions and low furniture make seating fun and casual.

Serene and Stylish

Muted blue, pale green, and neutrals blend to create a harmonious background for poppy orange pillows and frilly pink drapes.

Colonial Charm

Finding a fabric you love is a tried-and-true way to come up with a perfect color scheme. Once fabrics are selected, the paint choice is easy. Mixing fabrics works well as long as they are all in the same color family.

Pretty Pottery

Neutral walls work like a blank canvas to showcase colorful collections. Grouping similar items creates a cohesive look, and best of all, they can easily be swapped to fit the season -- or your mood!

Shades of Blue

A piece of striped fabric draped over a headboard sets the color scheme for this bedroom. Different shades of blue are repeated on the walls, in the artwork, and even on the bedside book.

Warm and Cool

Light blue accents cool the warm tones of the flooring and wood trim in this entry space. An ultra-mod white table is paired with a curvy chair to balance the look.

Ocean Inspiration

The light aqua color in this picture and pottery really pops against the neutral frame, plain walls, and wood accents. Easily changeable artwork is a smart choice for homeowners who are wary of color commitment.

Sail Away

Have some fun by using blue in a themed room. Multiple shades of blue mix it up in this beachy sunporch.

Shabby Chic

Feminine blue bedding mixes with white walls, a warm wood floor, and exposed beams to give this bedroom a shabby chic feel. The distressed mantel above the bed works as a rugged headboard.

Light Contemporary

Give light walls and flooring a spark by choosing chair upholstery in cobalt blue. This is a great trick for infusing apartments and rental homes with more color.

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