New Bedrooms Decorating Ideas 2012 With natural colors

Bedroom is the place you are looking for comfort, calm and tranquility , 
With this sets of distinctive bedrooms that are simple and elegant designs , You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing  Bedroom , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Color Happy

Like an artist's canvas waiting to be painted, the white walls in this bedroom extended an invitation to play with color. Pale green-and-lavender bed linens and orange geometric accent pillows answer the call. Metallic footstools and a seashell chandelier add formal touches that are balanced by textural bamboo blinds.

Dressed to the Nines

Perfect design lives where comfort intersects with style. This sumptuous bed is dressed with layer upon layer of beautiful bedding, each softer and loftier than the last. It's hard to imagine tossing and turning in this luxurious retreat

Soaring Heights 

Small windows in this bedroom are cleverly disguised with floor-length draperies. The white panels accentuate the crown molding while blending with the window trim, so the eye sweeps from ceiling to floor without stopping. A four-poster helps the eye to travel upward.

Center Stage 

This multilevel master bedroom is stately and refined. The light gray walls beautifully complement the yellow floral textiles, and the towering windows add plenty of light and drama.

Flea Market Chic

With mix-and-match (well, mostly mix) flea market treasures, this room exudes a level of sophistication well beyond its pedigree. Simple walls showcase the worn finishes of the vintage furniture and make each item stand out as special.

Understated Luxury

Sophisticated furniture and a neutral palette give this room an undertone of opulence, while the angled bed and large-scale accents add a bit of drama.

Four-Post Presence 

The large poster bed is the attention-grabber in this pale master suite. The easiest way to create drama in a smaller room is to choose one beautiful overscale piece of furniture and let it take charge.

East Meets West

The geometry and proportion of this bedroom's furnishings spring straight from Asian design, but the rustic wood surfaces and faux-suede bed give off a cool cowboy vibe.

Sage Sanctuary

The monochromatic window treatments, headboard, and walls offer a serene backdrop to the simple white linens and accessories in this restful retreat.

 Simple and Chic 

Vapor-blue walls create a soothing atmosphere in this discreetly feminine master suite. Eclectic furnishings, both vintage and modern, transform the room into a personal haven.

Warm Palette

With a generously proportioned sleigh bed and high bombe chests, this bedroom becomes a well-appointed gentleman's retreat. A classic rug and vintage photographs add to the masculine appeal. But lush linens and fresh flowers make the room attractive to everyone.

Pattern Panache

Crisp white walls and trim and hotel-chic bedding serve as striking counterpoints to this bedroom's chocolate-brown wall. A geometric pattern ties the two main colors together, while yellow photo mats and throw pillows introduce a playful splash of color. Two X benches round out the foot of the bed, adding a modern punctuation point and portable seating to the room.

Oceanside Bedroom

Recalling the crest of a wave, the shapely headboard in this bedroom helps linens in dusty blue and beige to soar. A sea motif carried out in some of the accent pillows gives life to the subtle sun and surf theme.

Modern Touch

Keeping with the character of a warehouse-turned-condo, this bedroom is simple and sophisticated. A modern four-poster becomes architecture, while tactile bedding and contemporary artwork take the hard edge off.

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