Open Storage Ideas 2012 : add style to your kitchen

See how open shelves add storage and style to your kitchen.

Open Shelves for Farmhouse Style

 Eschewing upper cabinets for shelves or simply leaving walls bare is a farmhouse tradition. Handmade stoneware displayed on the shelves coordinates with the colorful checkerboard-tile backsplash, and baskets add a layer of texture.

Metal Shelves 

Sleek metal shelves match the contemporary design of this kitchen, which also boasts a stainless-steel apron-front sink and stainless-steel appliances.

Bookshelves Used as a Pantry 

Walnut shelves stacked with sculptural supplies stretch to the ceiling in this kitchen. The dramatic effect is achieved by stacking objects so they occupy the space instead of simply filling it. A tall bookcase with adjustable shelves can serve this pantry function in any kitchen. Be sure the shelves and shelf supports are sturdy enough to bear the weight of dishes and food supplies.

Small and Customized Space 

Take advantage of a small nook by adding a few shelves. The extra storage space will be more useful and will look more finished than an empty wall.

Updated Plate Rack

This shelving unit, a modern take on a plate rack, plays off the grid design of the cabinets and windows. With a unit like this, it's best to display a set of dishes, cups, and saucers that share a common design idea or pattern. A random collection of cups and mugs would create a less refined effect.

Corner Kitchen Shelving Unit

This open corner unit is deep enough to hold a small microwave and roomy enough to handle a cookbook collection. Custom-built to fill the corner adjacent to a window seat, the shelving keeps supplies within view and gives the kitchen a custom look.

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