Setting Kitchen Islands New Design Ideas 2012

kitchen islands now come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One of these might be just right for your home

Blue Islands 

An addition to this home made room for a second island and an eating area. The walkway between the islands is aligned with the refrigerator and freezer to make cold storage accessible. Matching light fixtures bring light to the island work areas.

English Lessons 

Because the kitchen is open to the dining and living rooms, the homeowners chose a formal look that features painted cabinetry with inset drawers, beaded details, and glass knobs. At the far end, a built-in hutch holds dishware opposite the breakfast table.

Cabin Casual 

The centerpiece of this kitchen is the 5-1/2-x-5-1/2-foot island which serves as the main food-prep area. Thanks to a generous 15-inch overhang on each side, the island can also seat up to eight guests for casual meals.

Cottage Modern

Open shelves at one end of this island are a handy place to keep cookbooks. Seating for four was arranged opposite the range with enough overhang so stools can be pushed underneath. The island is lit with three pendant lights overhead.

Kitchen Recycled 

The kitchen cabinetry is a freestyle gathering of recycled pieces, blended under and over a stone-look countertop. The salvaged store display case is home to a changing display of china and collectibles. It has been raised on furniture feet to normal counter height.

Fresh Vibe 

A peninsula work area helps set off the baking area from the stove. The assertive color of the cabinets meant that the chartreuse could stand on its own on a fairly straightforward cabinet design.

Warm Green Kitchen 

A tiled counter tops this island created with painted cabinetry in a soft shade of green. The cooktop was installed flush with the tile to make cleanup a breeze.

Three Crows for Roosters

A two-level island incorporates work areas, seating, wine storage, and display. The higher counter helps hide kitchen clutter from the adjoining room.

Cherry and Granite Glow

The hardworking island is 9 1/2 feet long and features a two-level speckled-granite countertop. The upper-level serving and eating bar is higher to accommodate bar stools, while the lower level includes the kitchen's main sink.

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