Easy Halloween decorations ideas 2011

Quick and easy ideas for last-minute Halloween decorations and projects ,
i hope you like it ... Enjoy !!

Jack-O'-Lantern Craft 

Imagine glowing jack-o'-lanterns without the mess of scooping out pumpkins or fiddling with candles. These paper-wrapped glass cylinders mimic the look, brightening the steps even during the day. Simply cut the provided patterns out of orange paper and wrap yellow paper around glass cylinders, followed by your trimmed orange paper. If desired, add a battery-operated candle or mini flashlight inside.

Spooky Sunflowers 

These pretty flowers get a fun Halloween makeover with frightful faces made out of orange cardstock. Cut out a face and attach to the middle of the flower with small amounts of crafts glue.

Jack-o'-Lantern Luminarias 

These no-fuss pumpkin face decorations require no messy pumpkin carving and can be made in minutes. Cut the smiling pumpkin faces from black cardstock and tape the shapes to orange cardstock that has been cut to fit the lantern panels. The finished product will brighten railings or steps during the day, but can also light up the night when you put battery-operated candles or flashlights inside the lanterns.

Spooky Silhouettes 

Framed as portraits, these spooky silhouettes add Halloween flair. To create the characters, download our free patterns, enlarge to desired size, and trace onto black cardstock. Cut out the silhouettes using small, sharp scissors, glue to off-white cardstock, and frame.

October Lights 

See your nighttime festivities in a new light by adding letters to glass pillar-candle holders. Wrap the outsides of the holders with colored tissue paper and secure with tape. Adhere a 2-inch letter sticker (find at office supply or crafts stores) to each pillar to form a word.

Dancing Skeletons 

Enliven glassware for Halloween with dancing skeletons. Download our free pattern, trace onto tracing paper, and cut out each skeleton, 1/2-inch from the design. Tape a cutout inside a glass or plastic tumbler (ones with flat sides work best). Use the pattern lines as guides to draw the skeleton and facial features with a black waterproof paint marker; let dry. Add details and fill in the shapes with a white waterproof paint marker; let dry. (Note: We recommend hand-washing the glassware.).

Easy Halloween Door Hanging 

Fill this lovely cone-shape container, reminiscent of days gone by, with colorful foliage to announce the Halloween season to passersby.

Halloween-to-Harvest Hurricane 

Welcome guests with a hurricane brimming with little pie pumpkins nestled in straw and leaves. Finish the display with a scalloped collar of fabric trimmed with velvet ribbon and a crafts store feather. After Halloween, repurpose the filled hurricane for Thanksgiving by replacing the black-and-white collar with one in rich harvest colors.

Tin Can Luminarias

Light up the night Halloween-style with orange and black luminarias. Even young trick-or-treaters can make these cheerful lights with some adult help. A few easy-to-find supplies  empty cans, a hammer and nail, and some spray paint  are all you need.

Vintage Star Ornament

Create these easy, vintage-looking Halloween ornaments from everyday crafts supplies.

Spooky Candles

Line up basic pillar candles to spell out a spooky message. Hot-glue beads, rhinestones, or seeds into a letter shape on each candle, then place the candles on candlesticks of varying heights.

Casting Shadows

Dim the lights and set out these Halloween hurricane lamps to cast an eerie glow. Attach a variety of black die-cut figures to the outside of the lamp with double-stick tape. Wrap orange vellum paper over the cutouts and secure the edges with vellum tape.

Hurricane Lanterns

Decorate hurricane lanterns to add an old-fashioned candle-lit glow to any Halloween party. Click on the link below for step-by-step instructions for this easy project.

Candy Corn Cone

Fill a cone with some dried naturals and a crow or two for a unique and inexpensive door decoration.

Beaded Candle Cups

Seed beads and glitter team up to blanket votive candleholders with ghoulish glitz. Use a paintbrush to apply thick decoupage medium to glass votive cups, working in small sections at a time. Sprinkle the wet medium with beads or glitter as desired. Allow medium to dry in one section before moving to the next.

Paper Leaf Ghost Garland

Two seasonal staples come together to make a ghostly garland that's not too scary. Use a stencil or a real leaf to trace the shape onto white cardstock and cut out. Use a black marker to add teardrop-shape eyes, and tie string around the leaf stems to finish the garland. Hang from the doorway, inside or out, or drape across a deck railing.

Sinister Cat Flower Planter 

Dress up a black urn planter with a pair of cat eyes to make it a menacing black cat. Search online for copyright-free images of cat eyes or draw your own, and adhere to the urn with crafts glue. Fill the urn with plastic foam or sand and top with flowers, twigs, or leaves to finish this hair-raising decoration. 
Editor's Tip: Outline the eyes with glow-in-the-dark paint for a memorable nighttime stare.

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