Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments New 2012 Ideas

Clever embellishments turn plain-Jane ornaments into seasonal standouts.

Christmas Green Trims 

Spell out "Joy" on ornaments in glittery script, then add some jewels and extra glitter to make these flashy tree decorations.

Pastel Ribbons

Simplicity says it all with these flower-topped ornaments.

Sparkling Geometric Trims 

Brighten up the tree in no time with vibrant orange ornaments embellished with glitter.

Decorated Paper Ornament

Let your creativity show with these simple paper ornaments. Cut out circles from colored cardstock. Add string, ribbons, buttons, and other holiday decorations to make one-of-a-kind ornaments. Glue on a piece of gold foil to mimic an ornament top.

Picture Frame Ornament 

Make your Christmas a traditional one by personalizing your tree with old family photos. Simply mat pictures on fun, Christmas-color cardstock and cut to fit a 3-1/2x5-inch black photo frame.

Vintage Stamp Ornament

Give your tree an old-fashioned look by slipping Christmas stamps into a clear ornament. Look for sets of stamps with different pictures to add interest.

Evergreen Tree

Turn your Christmas fir into a forest by filling it with dozens of paper-tree ornaments made by simply rolling up strips of green scrapbook paper.

Bejeweled Ornament

Dressed up in jewels for the holidays, these quick-to-make ornaments will be the star attraction of your Christmas tree. The ornaments are crafted using a purchased ball ornament, crafts-store beads, and gold glitter.

Dazzling Beads

For ornaments that dazzle, decorate satin balls with dimensional paint and shower them with the tiniest of beads. A few simple crafts supplies, our free pattern, and a steady hand are all you need to create these striking holiday decorations.

Dazzling Beads, Take Two

Here's a variation of the ornament shown in the previous slide. The free-form star pattern is easy to re-create and gets a little visual kick from the dots at the end of each arm.

Beaded Beauty

Sparkling beads make any tree decoration stand out from the rest.

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