HGTV Dream Home 2012 : Living Room Pictures

A sea of calming blue and serene cream in the home's gathering space complements interior stone cladding and connects the room to outdoor spaces.

Designed to resemble an old stone structure, the great room stands as the home's hub with wings radiating out like spokes.

Four giclees on paper, which draw out golden tones in the limestone, form the room's focal point. The matted and framed artwork was mounted on plywood, which was anchored to the stone wall.

I wanted there to be lots of interesting textures,' says interior designer Linda Woodrum. 'I wanted the perimeter of the room the stone wall and the windows to be dominant. Then I wanted your eye to go outside.

Why shades of blue in this and other first-floor spaces? Linda was inspired by the color of Utah skies, the Provo River, Mount Timpanogos and the Cascade Mountain ranges at sunset.

Mortis-and-tenon timber trusses, stabilized with stainless steel collar ties, visually lower the vaulted ceiling and transform an otherwise voluminous space into a cozy escape.

French doors connect the great room to an outdoor living room and grilling station that extends space for entertaining during three seasons of the year.

Ticking stripe, houndstooth and ikat upholstery and pillow fabrics continue Linda's story of texture.

A design vignette that bridges the space between the great room and the kitchen offers up its own tabletop treasures and ottomans, which tuck away during quiet times.

Six cottage-style glass-topped tables form one large center coffee table; slatted shelves provide storage for magazines, pillows and home entertaining essentials.

The staggered height of decorative elements assures the importance of each in the artful tablescape design.

Linda layered textures to add interest in the space. The handwoven seagrass braids of a serving tray echo the stacked design of limestone.

'I like that the ikat prints are very clean, very crisp and strong enough to hold their own,' says Linda. 'And they relate back to the ikat pillows and the chair in the foyer.'

The nature-inspired color palette flows effortlessly from the great room to the cooking and dining spaces.


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