2012 Black and White Halloween Decorations Ideas

Make Halloween memorable for you and the kids with these spooky, yet chic displays.

Spooky Banner

I designed this spooky banner to hang on my fireplace mantel. If you like crafting with paper, you will love this project. The banner stores easily for you to bring out each Halloween season. 

Faux-Feather Garland

A regular green-leaf garland from the craft store turns into a fabulous Halloween decoration when spray-painted black. The featherlike leaves on the garland we used reminds us of black crows, perfect for the Halloween season.

Chair Garland

To create this garland, we used basic white coffee filters. You just need an easy-to-find inexpensive needle, ribbon or twine and a bit of time to create a ruffled chair garland. Another idea is to make it longer and hang from your mantel or banister.

Creepy, Crawly Lamp

The simplest of ideas can often also be the most effective. This pretty ruffled lamp turns scary with a large rubber spider crawling up the shade

Hand Candy Bowl

 Turn an average white bowl into a spooky candy container by attaching a creepy hand to a foam block (to keep it upright) and then fill with Halloween candy. Kids and adults alike will fear placing their hands into this eerie dish. Will getting the candy be worth the scare?

Hanging Heads

 We love using glitter for Halloween projects, especially black glitter. Find papier mache objects, like these skulls, at the craft store, add glitter using a spray adhesive or glue, then hang from your chandelier with ribbon or string. A sure bet for creeping out your dinner guests.

Head on a Platter

Off with his head! A scary skeleton head looks even creepier when presented on a pedestal cake plate. Just find the most frightening skull you can and put him on display. Screams and squeals are sure to follow.  

Spider Wreath

This fabric wreath is simple to make and can be used for many occasions by changing the embellishments. The mini black-glitter spider clips contrast perfectly with the bright white fabric. With just a few basic materials and tools from the craft store, you can dress up your front door for Halloween.

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