Halloween Pumpkin Topiary With Spiders 2012 Ideas from HGTV

We stacked three plain pumpkins together then adorned them in spiders to make a spooky Halloween decoration.

To make this adorable pumpkin topiary, we pinned on spiders and wrapped the pumpkins with black yarn.

Tools and Supplies

serrated knife
hot-glue gun
3 carving pumpkins (we used faux pumpkins from Funkin)
30 to 40 straight pins with a black tops
black yarn
small plastic toy spiders
one large spider

Carve and Stack

Carve the top and bottom of the top pumpkin in the stack. Carve the bottom of the middle pumpkin in the stack. This way stack on top of each other and the top one will have an opening for the flashlight.

Insert Pins

Push the black sewing pins into the pumpkins in a random pattern. Leave half of the pin sticking out. Use about 15 pins per pumpkin.

Create the Spider's Web

Starting at the bottom, wrap the yarn around one of the pins then bring it to the next pin, wrap it around and repeat. Keep weaving the yarn back and forth around the pins until you have one big web. If necessary, use the glue gun on the yarn to keep it from moving.

Add Spiders

Tie or glue small strands of yarn to several of the spiders. Tie the strands to the webbing so the spiders will hang down. Then glue some spiders directly to the webbing. Add several to the top to make it look like they are escaping. Place a few on the floor and make them look like they are about to scatter.

Include Mama Spider

Insert a flashlight into the top pumpkin to illuminate the large spider. Then place the spider as if she's escaping, too (again, be careful of the pins).


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