How to Create a Spooky Halloween Bar 2012 Ideas from HGTV

Are you entertaining this Halloween? Turn your cocktail bar into a "mad laboratory" by serving scary potions and dressing up the bar with spiders, blood and dismembered hands.


Halloween Cocktails

We used old utility car as a beverage bar for a Halloween party. We covered the cart in spider webbing then filled the bar potions, magic spells and some spooky decorations.

Make Concoctions

Download and print labels to turn your beverage bottles into serums, potions and magic spells. Our labels are editable, so customize them to your desired poison. Use a glue stick to adhere the labels to the bottles. We used wine and liquor bottles.

Add Flesh & Blood

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit on the bottom shelf of the cart. Make some bloody handprints on the cardboard using red craft paint. Add a little oatmeal to the paint if you want a little more flesh and gore. Let the handprints dry then lay the cardboard inside the bottom of the cart.

Web It

Stretch the white webbing over the cart, use a hot-glue gun to attach it the corners and underneath the edges of the cart. Stretch it out to make it look like a spider web, leave a little room to get to the bottom shelf of the cart

Add Giant Arachnid

Place large spider on the web to make it look like it is crawling up the side of the cart. Use a little hot glue if necessary to attach its feet in place.

Lend a Helping Hand

Place the cut off hands at the end of the cart (preferably if there is a handle) to make it look like as if they are pushing it. Use hot glue gun on a couple of the fingers to keep them in place.

Set Up Bar

Place the bottles, glassware and a candle on the top of the cart. Then arrange the little spiders in and around them.

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