2013 Color Guide Palettes : Made Easy Ideas from HGTV

Color Palettes Made Easy

Need a pleasing color palette for your home decor? Just look around you! From works of art to stylish scarves, gorgeous color combinations are everywhere. Choose a colorful piece by an artist or designer, and the work is done for you.

By Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil

Let a Plate Be Your Palette

Dinnerware is a one-stop shop for pretty palettes. Plates come in all styles and colors, from casual to formal, so you can pick out a color story for every room in the house. And you needn't buy a service for eight. Often you can get a single salad plate or teacup to use as your mood board.

Accessorize With Color

If you want to freshen up your kitchen, but you can't afford to change the counters and cabinets, you need to accessorize. Take your sample plate with you to pick out dishtowels, canisters and bowls. It may not seem like a big makeover to get bright new spatulas, but when you put them all together, colorful details make a splash!

Take a Tip From Textiles

Inspiration objects can show you how to marry colors in ways you might not have considered. Sure, tangy lime, orange and marigold go well with white (what doesn't?). But who would have thought that adding ecru, black and charcoal would make such a cool combo?

Make a Modern Mix

When it comes to color in the dining room, go beyond tablecloths and placemats. Vivid accessories like charger plates, napkin rings and finger bowls spice up the table with color. Feel free to mix the colors from your palette in unusual ways. A paprika charger plate next to a celadon runner is more exciting than going all one color.

Learn From the Masters

The colors of the great outdoors go together naturally and can be a fertile source for palettes. But with a world of so many greens and blues out there, how can you possibly decide which hues to use? Instead of trying to match swatches to blades of grass, let a painted landscape be your guide. Leave it to the painter to select their vision of nature's aquamarines, indigos and golds.

Elevate Your Mood

A painting can inspire your accents as well as your colors. This glassy vase not only brings in the landscape's blues and greens, but also echoes the reflective pond surface. The leafy lotus candles float on the counter like the painting's flowering irises. The wooden soap dish and chestnut bird finish off the look with a nod to the whimsical flooded birdhouse.

Tap Into a Trend

You can find trendy color palettes on all kinds of things if you keep an eye out for them. This kooky, collapsible shopping basket features raspberry with yummy chocolate and touches of tangerine and turquoise. Delicious! Don't worry about trying to decorate with the inspiration object, though. Just steal its colors then use the item elsewhere.

Launch Your Look

To coordinate your colors in a flash, add one accent that magically combines many of the colors in your scheme. A throw pillow embroidered in hues from the shopping basket gives this room a unified look. When you see the colors entwined on the pillow, it makes sense to have a raspberry basket next to a turquoise table.

Focus on Fashion

A boutique find like a hand-painted silk scarf not only helps you select colors, it tells you how much of each color to use. This beautiful scarf has scarlet as the primary color with forest and olive as secondary colors. Black comes in strong as an accent and pops of cobalt and periwinkle express artistic flair.

Issue Yourself Artistic License

To make a bold statement with color, you're going to need a lot of confidence or a great designer piece to define your color scheme. Trust the artist to show you amazing combinations you may have never imagined before. Then you can drape a pale purple blanket across a red duvet with black shams and have no fear.


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