2013 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas Designer By Marlaina Teich

Marlaina Teich is noted for her modern, sophisticated mix of texture, color and personality. Her aesthetic approach draws from a range of sources and incorporates her clients’ personal styles.

She delivers fresh designs that are both approachable and inspired. Marlaina Teich Designs is a full service residential and commercial interior design firm specializing in space planning, selection and specification of finishes and furniture, and project management.

MTD’s work has been published by various regional and national magazines.

The bold wall color enhances the room making the fireplace the main feature. Cladding the whole wall with mother of pearl gives height and a modern look to the space.

In this Manhattan studio apartment, the view is the focal point. The furniture is kept clean and simples so that it does not compete for attention. A few accents of colored furniture in the coffee table and dining chairs liven up the space and give a zesty flavor.

This room shows the possibility of placing a bed in front of two windows. Though it is not the ideal location using your draperies to frame the space make the bed look like it belongs. The mirror above draws the eye up and reflects the glow of the chandelier.


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