2013 transitional Living Room Decorating Ideas By Andrea Schumacher


O Interior Design 

Greenwich Village is alive and well in Denver, where Platte Street intersects Confluence Park. This is immediately apparent to anyone who happens upon this vibrant part of town, where the street teems with activity — dogs, young children with their parents, charming boutiques and wine shops, cafes and bakeries. Climb up two flights of stairs above the Savory Spice, and you come upon the atelier of O Interior Design, founded in 1999 by Andrea Monath Schumacher. She opened her business after amassing an impressive collection of credentials: a B.A. in interior design, graduate studies at the University of Colorado in architecture, certification from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Next, Schumacher did a set design apprenticeship with NBC’s Days of Our Lives, then worked for Columbia Pictures as an in-house designer. The rest, as they say, is history.

This neutral living room is enlivened by the rich texture of the materials and the bright pops of color. Tip: When using neutral materials, select ones that have texture to add depth and interest to the space.

Living room with burnt orange painted wall.

The charcoal shag rug and coffered ceiling help to create a cozy living room. The yellow lampshades provide a perfect contrast to the black-and-white patterned draperies.

In these living and dining spaces, classic furniture styles are updated with animal print and patterns. The artwork and the antler chandelier give the space a sense of Old World charm.

The framed antique mirrors give this living room a graphic punch. The black piping on the cream sofas follows suit. The damask wallpaper and patchwork cowhide rug give texture to the space.

Although this space is filled with neutral colors, it is incredibly rich with texture and detail. The fireplace surround is Carrera marble and the chimney is upholstered in suede and decorated with a pair of longhorns.

Custom sheer curtains of Dedar fabric soften a masculine study; the fuchsia silk rug is made from recycled Indian saris.

This living room is given an eclectic feel with the different styles of furniture in the space. The white piano is set off by the dark millwork and creamy moiré wallpaper behind it.

Neutral sitting room with vibrant pops of color . A bright orange bench adds a lovely pop of color to this soft, neutral room.


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